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The Complete Golf Shoe Buyer's Guide 

With more and more companies producing more and more varieties of golf shoes, it has become increasingly difficult to choose which ones to buy. Not too long ago, most of them were almost the same, both in terms of looks and performance. These days, you can choose from classic style shoes to sneakers to street shoes and many more. At Golf Shoes Info, we’ve created a golf shoe buyer's guide, making it just a bit easier to choose which ones to buy. Through our reviews, comparisons, and top 10 lists, we hope your decision process will be that much easier. By breaking golf shoes down into categories and then reviewing and comparing them, it should help answer the all important questions of: Which golf shoes should I buy? And: What are the best golf shoes?


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Which Style Golf Shoe Should I Get?

There are basically 4 types of golf shoes on the market:


Casual/retro/street - These "street" style shoes look stylish and are often comfortable as well. You'll find that your feet have more room in these shoes than other styles. They are spikeless golf shoes, which means they don't have the classic style soft spikes, but have traction lugs/nubs instead. While some insist their performance isn't up to par with other styles of shoes, the fact that a number of PGA Tour players opt for them is a strong indication that they perform as required. These shoes are great because you can wear them to work and then straight onto the golf course. 

Strengths: Stylish. Can wear on and off the golf course. Comfortable

Weaknesses: May lack stability and support. Not the best for walking

Recommended for: The casual golfer who wants a stylish shoe they can wear everywhere. You don't mind riding in a cart, but still require comfort and performance.

Classic - These are the original style golf shoes. When most people think of golf shoes, these are what come to mind. Most of them have leather uppers with spiked traction, though there are a few spikeless ones on the market as well. Although they may look classic, the interiors boast the latest cushion and supportive technology. They look great with long pants and add a classy look to any outfit. You can usually expect to pay a bit more for classic golf shoes.

Strenghts: Classy and stylish. Good support and traction. Highly waterproof

Weaknesses: Usually higher in price. Heavier than other styles

Recommended for: Golfers who don't mind paying more for a classic look while maintaining support and traction. You don't mind paying the extra price.  Perhaps better for cart golf, but you'll have no problem walking with them also.

Performance - These golf shoes look sportier than classic designs, while maintaining that unique "golf shoe" look. They focus on performance, which means they consistently rank high in stability, support and traction. You'll find a more snug fit with these shoes, but by no means a sacrifice in comfort. They look great with all types of attire, and are capable of tackling the toughest terrains. Traction is usually spiked, though there are plenty of spikeless as well. Prices for these shoes vary greatly.

Strengths: Sleek design. Good support and traction. Most quite waterproof. Lightweight. Great all around shoe

Weaknesses: Not many! 

Recommended for: Those in need of an all around golf shoe that can tackle all types of terrain. You enjoy walking the course, but still require a high level of support and stability.

PUMA PROADAPT Delta Performance Golf Shoe

Trainer/Sport - These golf shoes are more reminiscent of athletic trainers than golf shoes. They're designed for comfort, but still maintain solid traction, which is pretty much evenly divided between spiked and spikeless. These shoes are also a snug fit, but breathe the best of any shoe. They look best with shorts, and can be found at bargain prices. They usually aren't as stable and supportive as classic and performance shoes, but are lightweight golf shoes and great for hot days.

Strengths: Very breathable. Comfortable. Flexible. Good for walking. Lightweight

Weaknesses: Usually not as waterproof as other styles. May lack stability and support. May not look good with long pants

Recommended for: Golfers who enjoy walking the course. You enjoy playing on hot days, and require a breathable shoe. You care more about comfort than anything else.

Which Golf Shoe Brands Are The Best?

This question is like choosing your favorite child. It's literally impossible to answer. Nobody has the same feet as you. Nobody has the same swing or gait as you. And nobody has the same aethetic tastes as you. It is therefore not only impossible, but unfair to label any one brand the best. Luckily, the golf shoe market is saturated with hundreds of different models to choose from. Our aim is to help you sift through these until you have your perfect match.

What Golf Shoes Are The Pros Wearing?

Sam Burns was the latest winner on the PGA Tour with victory at the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, which was held at Austin CC in Austin, Texas. He was on it all day, closing out the final match 6&5 wearing the Cuater THE RINGER. If it holds up to Jon Rahm and Sam Burns' golf swings, it will definitely hold up to everyone else's! Ladies and gentlemen, here are Sam Burns' golf shoes:

Cuater THE RINGER Sam Burns Golf Shoes

New Releases and Special Editions

We were very pleasantly surprised by the Nike Infinity Pro 2. We were expecting a lower to mid-range sport golf shoe, but what we got was quite a bit more. First of all we love how it looks. It's a trendy sport golf shoe that looks great on and off the course. Which brings us to the main point of the shoe; versatility. Aside from looking great off the course, it also feels great. The spikeless traction system feels equally good walking on concrete as it does grass. That being said, we have definitely experienced better on-course traction, but this gets the job done. We were quite surprised by how much support the upper offers, giving that stable feeling during the swing. The Infinity Pro 2 also boasts an excellent combination of breathability and waterproofing, which means it can be worn year-round. We recommend the Nike Infinity Pro 2 for the beginner to mid handicap golfer who needs a dependable golf shoe with no weaknesses.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 Golf Shoe

The big difference between the PAYNTR X 002 LE and the other PAYNTR golf shoe models is upper materials. With its full-grain leather upper, the X 002 LE sets itself apart from the others as the more luxurious option. Of course with full-grain leather you get other benefits aside from aesthetics, including increased durability and slightly more breathability. As with other PAYNTR golf shoes, the X 002 LE looks amazing. Its perfect blend of sport and performance styles is very easy on the eyes. We'd say that this model is the most comfortable one yet, and is a complete joy walking the course in, so long as the conditions aren't too wet. While the X 002 LE will fend of some moisture, it won't keep your feet dry in rainy conditions. What stuck out the most about the X 002 LE is just how much energy return there seems to be. This definitely adds up during the round, both in terms of walking and during the swing, which ultimately reduces fatigue. We recommend the PAYNTR X 002 LE for those in search of classy-looking performance golf shoes that are both extremely comfortable and durable.

PAYNTR X 002 LE Golf Shoe

What really stuck out about the New Balance 997 Golf Shoe was just how cool it looks. It has that hint of retro, which looks awesome. And it's not just all about looks. The NB 997 Golf is really comfortable. We love the comfort and responsiveness of the Abzorb midsole, which makes walking the course more than enjoyable. Although it may get a bit warm in hot conditions, the 997 Golf does well year-round, even in really wet conditions. Which leads to the next point, which is that this NB golf shoe has an amazing traction system. The removable spikes are complemented perfectly by the permanent traction design, which pretty much eliminates all slippage. While not the most supportive golf shoe out there, the NB 997 G is still pretty solid and gets the job done. We recommend this golf shoe for those who like the retro sneaker vibe along with high comfort and traction.

New Balance 997 Golf Shoe

The G/FORE GALLIVANTER GOLF BOOT is definitely the best-looking golf boot out there. And it performs pretty darn well too. As far as winter golf boots are concerned, what you usually get is some performance-style design that is much too wild/over the top for some. We feel the Gallivanter Golf Boot fills a niche for those who rock classic-style golf shoes, but need something to go up against the elements during cold weather. In fact, this G/FORE golf boot looks so awesome that you can wear it off the course as well, so long as you're headed for cold conditions. Aside from the obvious top-of-the-line waterproofing and style, the Gallivanter Golf Boot's traction system grips really, really well. It's a cool hybrid system featuring permanent cleats and lugs, which also does well on other surfaces off the course, such as snow. As expected, the G/FORE Gallivanter Golf Boot offers plenty of support, particularly around the ankles. We recommend the Golf Boot for the stylish winter golfer who demands solid performance and comfort.


The first word that comes to mind when reviewing the new FootJoy HyperFlex is "wow"! We were expecting another solid performance golf shoe from FJ, but not something this amazing. The HyperFlex is easily one of our favorite golf shoes, period. We often find that new editions of previous models don't really differ that much, except for maybe minor improvements or superficial changes. the HyperFlex, however, is different. It improved on the original HyperFlex in just about every way. First off, we think it looks better. The original didn't really do it for us, but this one certainly does! Another massive improvement in this new model is the support, both in the upper and midsole. The thermoplastic saddle adds that extra bit of lateral support that makes a big difference during the swing, and the FTF+ foam adds stability. It's not easy finding golf shoes that are both breathable and waterproof, so to find this combination in the HyperFlex is definitely an added bonus. As with the previous model, this new model is really comfortable. The flexible yet stable outsole combines with the FTF+ foam and StratoFoam cushioning to deliver a gem of a shoe for walking. And of course there's the traction system, which is also amazingly grippy on the course. We definitely recommend the FJ HyperFlex for the more advanced golfer who can really appreciate all it has to offer.

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoe

Our favorite ECCO golf shoe is now available with BOA! For $20 extra, this BOA fastening system provides that extra bit of microadjustment that laces can't match. Just when we thought things couldn't get better than the BIOM H4, they did! Well, to say the ECCO BIOM C4 BOA is better than the H4 is purely subjective, considering how amazing they both are. However, in our humble opinion, the BIOM C4 BOA barely nudges the BIOM H4 into second place. Without a doubt, the highlight of the BIOM C4 BOA is its combination of breathability and waterproofing. It's not easy at all finding golf shoes with this combo, so we really appreciate when this feat is pulled off. ECCO has managed this with a couple different technologies. First of all, the GORE-TEX and high quality leather upper not only provide excellent waterproofing, but also add to the breathability. Then there's the EXHAUST GRID, which is not at all gimmicky, that noticeably increases airflow and breathability. The last thing we'll rave about is the traction system, which is one of the best spikeless systems out there. It is extremely comfortable when walking, while at the same time gripping amazingly well on the golf course. Though the price tag is a bit high, you get what you pay for, which is why we confidently recommend the BIOM C4 BOA for those willing to pay for high quality performance.


It's really cool to see yet another brand enter the golf shoe world, More famous for their cross-fit shoes than perhaps anything else, NOBULL has decided to apply their knowledge to their golf shoes.  The NOBULL LEATHER golf shoe looks and performs very similarly to the MATRYX. In fact, the only real difference is that it's made of genuine leather instead of woven fabric. While slightly altering the aesthetic of the shoe, the feel and performance is almost the same. The one slightly noticable difference was that this LEATHER model is a bit less breathable. NOBULL golf shoes look awesome. The LEATHER version is simple, yet fashionable and also extremely comfortable. Style and comfort are without question the standout features of this NOBULL LEATHER golf shoe. Another cool feature of this shoe is that it is versatile, which means it looks and feels great when worn on the course as well as off. The traction system complements this by featuring materials that grip not only on grass and dirt but just about any surface you'll encounter in daily life.  As versatile as this NOBULL golf shoe is, its golf-specific performance is average. It lacks a bit in on-course grip and support, which is why we recommend it to the casual golfer whose priorities are comfort and style.


The adidas Flopshot spikeless golf shoe is cool! What stood out most to us was its awesome style. There are a number of colorways available, all of which look very classy and trendy. A spikeless golf shoe like this looks amazing in so many different settings, on and off the links. The flexible spikeless outsole matches this versatility and feels great when walking on all surfaces. This versatility in the outsole is great for everyday use but isn't outstanding during the actual swing. It grips ok enough, but it's not on par with some of the more golf-specific spikeless traction systems. We're always a fan of BOOST cushioning, so there was no surprise how the Flopshot provides cushioning and rebound at the same time. As expected in a casual style golf shoe, the support offered in the Flopshot isn't outstanding, but it does the job. We recommend the adidas Flopshot for the stylish, casual golfer who demands versatility and comfort.

adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoe

As we were expecting, the Johnston & Murphy XC4 H2-Sport Hybrid Knit is absolutely fantastic! So much so that we don't even know where to begin. Let's just say first off that it's easily one of our favorite sport style golf shoes. The XC4 H2-Sport Hybrid Knit is one of the most comfortable golf shoes you're going to find. The triple-density footbed combines with the EVA midsole to create a slipper-like feel that allows it to be worn comfortably all day long, whether it's on the course or off. The spikeless traction system works amazingly well on and off the course as well. We were pleasantly surprised how well it grips on the course, even in wet conditions. Which brings us to perhaps our favorite aspect of the shoe; the fact that it is both breathable and waterproof. This is not so easy to find, and the fact that it regulates temperature so well in both hot and cold conditions makes the XC4 H2-Sport Hybrid Knit one of the best year-round golf shoes.

Johnston & Murphy XC4 H2-Sport Hybrid Knit Golf Shoe

The Skechers GO GOLF Prime golf shoe is an entry-level spikeless golf shoe that we definitely recommend for the novice golfer who wants something affordable and durable that won't break the bank. Our review of the GO GOLF Prime's on course performance is mixed. On the one hand, it doesn't offer amazing support or waterproofing, yet on the other hands provides surprisingly good traction. In fact, this Goodyear traction system is by far our favorite aspect of this Skechers spikeless golf shoe. Alongside fantastic grip on the links, this traction system is easily versatile enough to be worn off the course in comfort. As we said before, since the GO GOLF Prime isn't waterproof, we definitely recommend it for dry conditions. Skechers has done well here creating something affordable, reliable and comfortable.

Skechers GO GOLF Prime

The PUMA GS-ONE golf shoe is one of the most supportive sport-style golf shoes out there. We don't even know where to begin because we have so much praise for this amazing shoe. Let's start with style. It already looked awesome, and then you throw in the PTC collection edition and it's even more awesome. The one pictured below is from the PTC collection. The GS-ONE is also really comfortable, which is great for walking the course. Its spikeless traction system enhances this walking comfort while also making it versatile enough to be worn off the links. And now we've come to our favorite part of the shoe; its support. The integrated saddle and support shank stabilize your feet during the swing in a way that promotes confidence, which isn't so easy to find in a lot of sport-style golf shoes. We recommend the GS-ONE for the more advanced golfer who can appreciate it's fantastic support.


As we're sure you've guessed, the COLE HAAN OriginalGrand Tour is very similar to its sister, the OriginalGrand. In fact, the only real difference lies in the outsole. The OriginalGrand Tour has a spiked traction system, whereas the OriginalGrand is spikeless. While this spiked system reduces versatility, it enhances on-course traction immensely. Pardon us for stating another obvious fact, which is that this COLE HANN golf shoe looks amazing. We wouldn't expect anything less from this brand, but still, it is soo stylish. What we weren't necessarily expecting was the high level of comfort it provides. The GRANDFOAM cushioning system feels great, and provides all-day comfort, even when walking. Although it might get a bit hot in warmer conditions, the OriginalGrand Tour is waterproof and thus great for wet conditions. While the leather upper provides sufficient support, there isn't any real added support. We recommend the OriginalGrand Tour for the more affluent golfer whose main objective is not only looking great in the clubhouse and on the fairways, but also top-notch grip and comfort.

COLE HAAN OriginalGrand Tour Golf Shoe

The FootJoy Contour Jogger is awesome! It's a great addition to the casual golf shoe category. We used to call this a niche, but it has become quite saturated over the years with loads of major and minor shoe brands producing quality casual golf shoes that look and feel fantastic. The point is, it's difficult to stand out from the crowd. FJ's Contour Jogger definitely stands out from the crowd. Not necessarily because of anything performance-wise, but because of its aesthetics and overall vibe. Casual and chill is the name of the game with the Contour Jogger. The versatility of this FootJoy casual golf shoe is great for those looking for a golf shoe that acts more like a sneaker. While this is great from a versatility standpoint, it does leave a bit to be desired on the course. We'd love a bit more lateral support, and while the traction does its job, we have seen grippier spikeless systems. However, if you're in the market for a versatile, casual golf shoe that looks super cool, look no further than the FJ Contour Jogger.

FootJoy Contour Jogger Golf Shoe

The adidas Solarmotion spikeless golf shoe is one of the most comfortable golf shoes out there. We were expecting comfort, but not to this level. You literally forget about your feet during the round, even without a cart. It's amazing how such amazing comfort can actually contribute to on-course performance and enjoyment. The combination of Lightstrike and BOOST cushioning is perfect. It provides both cushioning and responsive bounce in all the right places. While intended more for summer, the Solarmotion is also waterproof, which means it can be worn in all types of conditions (except for really cold). This combination of breathable waterproofing is not easy to find. The Gripmore traction system feels really good when walking and also grips well during the swing. Because of its aesthetics, comfort and spikeless traction, the Solarmotion is versatile and can be worn just as comfortably off the course as on. The shoe's flexibility is great for comfort, but not necessarily the best for lateral support. However, this is just one minor complaint in an otherwise almost perfect golf shoe.

adidas Solarmotion Spikeless Golf Shoe

We love the minimalist design of the TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop golf shoe. It looks sleek and clean, and is one of the most versatile golf shoes out there. It literally fits in any casual environment. Then there's comfort. The All Day Ripstop's polyester upper is flexible and the wool lining adds that extra bit of comfort that also keeps your feet warmer on cold days. This TRUE golf shoe was basically designed to be the all-weather version of the TRUE Knit II. While it does well in various weather conditions to some extent, keep in mind that it is only water-resistant, not waterproof. This means it won't keep your feet dry in really wet conditions. One of our favorite aspects of the All Day Ripstop is the traction system, which grips quite well and feels amazing when walking. It allows you to feel the contours of the course, particularly the green, in a way that is rare in golf shoes. We recommend the TRUE All Day Ripstop for the minimalist golfer looking for comfort, versatility and style.

TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop Golf Shoe

The PUMA GS-FAST golf shoe is very similar to the RS-G, which came before it. The GS-FAST in particular was modelled after the RS-FAST running shoe, which is one of the most popular among runners. This basically means that you get running/athletic shoe comfort with golf-specific performance. Not only does the GS-FAST offer amazing comfort, but it looks really good while doing it. AND, it's versatile, which means it looks amazing in all types of environments. The spikeless outsole grips pretty well, but also feels good when walking on various surfaces, further enhancing its versatility. The GS-FAST does quite well in the elements, though may get a little warm in hot conditions. It offers pretty decent support as well. We recommend the PUMA GS-FAST spikeless golf shoe for those who value style, versatility and comfort.


We love how the Jordan ADG 4 golf shoe has taken on a whole new look. The fantastic blend of modern and classic styles makes for one of the best-looking golf shoes you're ever going to see. It's basically impossible not to fall in love at first sight. Then there's comfort. We absolutely love Nike React technology, so were delighted to see it in the Jordan ADG 4. It not only offers some of the most responsive cushioning in a golf shoe, but also at a very reduced weight. Because of its full-grain leather upper, the ADG 4 is very durable and great for year-round play. It won't overheat in the summer and will keep your feet perfectly dry in winter. The integrated spikeless traction pattern is great for walking yet still grips really well during the swing. We were hoping for just a bit more lateral support, but that doesn't take away our love for the shoe. We recommend the Jordan ADG 4 for those who value a high-level shoe that will last a long time while looking great the whole way.

The OluKai Kapalua looks awesome! We love the casual/sporty vibes. Don't be fooled, however, because there's a lot more to this sporty golf than just good looks. First of all, it's really comfortable. The removable footbed is great not only because of course it adds cushioning, but also because it can be removed to create more room. Its mesh upper provides some amazing breathability while simultaneously fending off morning dew. Although it is considered water-resistant, we wouldn't recommend wearing the Kapalua in any type of rainy/wet conditions. The wet grip rubber outsole provides really good grip on all types of surfaces on and off the golf course, which makes the Kapalua a fantastic shoe for everyday use. We recommend the OluKai Kapalua golf sneaker for the more casual golfer who places emphasis on style, comfort and versatility, while still in need of something that performs quite well on the course.

OluKai Kapalua Golf Shoe

Aside from new colorways and very minor aesthetic changes, the Callaway Solana SL V2 is pretty much the same as the original Solana SL. Why change something if it ain't broke? The original is in our top 10 best sport style golf shoes, best spikeless golf shoes and best affordable golf shoes. So basically what we're saying is that this Solana Version 2 is one of the best golf shoes out there. The Callaway Solana SL V2 is one of our favorite mesh, sport-style golf shoes. As with most Callaway golf shoes, it is very affordable and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It's hard to know where to start, because there are so many great things about this spikeless version 2 golf shoe. Let's start with its year-round wearability. Its breathable mesh and microfiber upper comes with Opti-Dri technology which keeps the foot pretty darn dry even in quite wet conditions. Of course the Solana SL v2 is also really, really comfortable and is a great option for those who walk the course a lot. The spikeless Dura-Rubber traction grips really well on the course and simultaneously feels great when walking on and off the course. Our only minor criticism of the Solana SL V2 is that its support in the upper doesn't stand out as much as the other areas. Nonetheless, this a fantastic year-round golf shoe that we confidently recommend to golfers of all abilities who need comfort and performance at a great price.

Callaway Solana SL V2 Golf Shoe

The ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE golf shoe definitely impressed us. We were hoping it would be similar to the other GEL-ACE models, and were not disappointed. Without a doubt, the standout feature of the GEL-KAYANO ACE is its comfort. The cushioning is in all the right places, delivering one heck of a walking experience. It provides the perfect balance of shock absorption and rebound, which can save quite a bit of energy during a round. Then there is the support and traction. We love how the TPU heel cradle keeps your foot locked in, which feels especially great during the swing. The spikeless outsole provides all the grip you'd ever need, while still feeling great when walking. Due to its breathable nature and decent waterproofing, the GEL-KAYANO ACE is a great golf shoe for year-round play. We recommend this spikeless ASICS golf shoe for those who place an emphasis on top-of-the-line comfort and support.


What a golf shoe! With Under Armour we expect good things, but the UA Charged Phantom spikeless golf shoe went beyond expectations. Perhaps the aspect of this shoe that caught us off guard the most is its support. We always lower our expectations regarding support when it comes to knit and mesh golf shoes. They usually just don't provide the stability/support that other golf shoes do. However, the knit upper in the Charged Phantom felt really stable. In addition, the Rotational Resistance traction system provides some of the best traction you're going to find on a spikeless golf shoe. Because of its spikeless nature, the Charged Phantom feels pretty good when worn off the course as well. While this UA golf shoe is water-resistant, it won't hold up in rainy conditions, which means we definitely recommend it for warmer conditions, especially since it's so breathable. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable and stable knit golf shoe.

Under Armour Charged Phantom Spikeless Golf Shoe

While we'd still consider it to be quite a fashionable, luxury golf shoe, the Duca del Cosma Kingscup is on the more budget side of the spectrum of Duca golf shoes. Its microfiber upper isn't as soft and supple as Duca's premium leather uppers, but it still feels fine for both walking and swinging. As with all Duca del Cosma golf shoes, what you get with the Kingscup is amazing versatility. It looks so good both on and off the course, and feels good too. The Kingscup is waterproof and therefore is a solid year-round golf shoe. It might get a bit warm in hot conditions but nothing unusual. The original Airplay III outsole is flexible and good for walking, yet still grips pretty well on the course. As we've said before with most Duca golf shoes, we recommend the Kingscup for the fashion-conscious golfer who demands versatility and quality.

Duca del Cosma Kingscup Golf Shoe

As far as cold-weather golf shoes are concerned, it doesn't get much better than the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour 2 Shield. This Nike golf boot was designed with one thing in mind; cold winters. For the less fortunate who don't enjoy sublime golf conditions year-round, the Air Zoom Infinity Tour 2 Shield is the next best thing. Sideways rain, hail, or even snow, this winter Nike golf shoe will keep your feet warm and dry. All this protection comes with amazing comfort as well. The Zoom Air units and the React Foam create amazing, responsive cushioning which makes walking the course an option. An innovative hybrid traction system deals with wet conditions incredibly well, essentially eliminating slippage. All-in-all, the Air Zoom Infinity Tour 2 Shield is ideal for cold wet conditions, which obviously means that we don't recommend it for year-round use.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour 2 Shield Golf Boot

Aside from some aesthetic tweaks, the New Balance Striker v3 is pretty much the same as the Striker v2, which in turn is almost the same as the original Striker. We like that NB has stuck close to the script and isn't afraid to continue what isn't broken. We don't think the NB Striker v3 particularly stands out in terms of style, but true to NB standards, it is very comfortable. Throw decent breathability and top-notch waterproofing into the mix, and you have a durable, year-round golf shoe. The traction system works well, with each of the 7 spikes surrounded by a type of traction pod, which features permanent lubs/nubs. We were also quite impressed with the support offered in the upper. It feels really stable during the swing without sacrificing flexibility. Perhaps the best thing about the NB Striker v3 is that we can recommend it for all types of golfers, from beginners to pros.

New Balance Striker v3 Golf Shoe

The ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M is very similar to the GEL-ACE PRO 5 in terms of performance and technology. However, they do look quite different. We should mention early on that this is Hideki Matsuyama's golf shoe. He's been wearing this, or versions of this, for quite some time now, so we're excited that is has finally become available outside of Asia. What struck us immediately was just how amazing this ASICS golf shoe feels on the course. It offers comfort on such a level that we consider it to be in the top ten of the most comfortable golf shoes. The GEL-ACE PRO M provides amazing support in the upper and has one of the best traction systems out there. You don't get versatility with the GEL-ACE PRO M, but you do get one of the best performance golf shoes out there. The bottom line is that it's Hideki's shoe of choice. We all know what he has accomplished in it.


The Under Armour Charged Medal RST golf shoe is one of the company's more affordable, budget golf shoes. As expected, it doesn't deliver the high-end performance and comfort that we're so accustomed to from UA, but it does nonetheless hold its own. The RST traction system is by far our favorite aspect of the Charged Medal RST. This very on-course-specific traction grips extremely well from all angles on any surface you'll encounter on the links. The Charged Medal RST also offers quite a bit of support during the swing, which we definitely noticed. Our biggest issue with this UA golf shoe is that you could feel the spikes through the sole. This was confirmed in several reviews from various sources. It makes walking 18 holes not the most enjoyable experience. Our overall feelings about the Charged Medal RST are somewhat mixed. On one hand, we love the affordability and golf-specific performance it offers, but on the other hand it falls short in comfort and its capability of battling through nature's elements.

Under Armour Charged Medal RST Golf Shoe

We've always been a fan of the Drive series golf shoes, so were excited to try out the Skechers GO GOLF Drive 5. Let's just say it didn't disappoint. It sticks close to its predecessors in both aesthetics and performance, which is good because you know what you're getting. However, this newest model features a really nice improvement; better waterproofing. This Drive 5 model comes with a two-year warranty that previous editions didn't. On top of this, it doesn't really seem to sacrifice too much breathability. The insole system in the GO GOLF Drive 5 is super comfortable, and we appreciate how the insole is removeable. This obviously allows for a roomier feel, although keep in mind that even with the insole it is quite roomy. We've always loved the versatility factor in the Drive series, and this is no exception. It's so nice being able to wear them all day, on and off the course.

Skechers GO GOLF Drive 5 Golf Shoe

The Tomo Bravo doesn't veer far from the company's successful formula, so you know what you're getting: Lightweight, breathable comfort. Oh, and a lot of style. The Bravo is most similar to the Alpha, except it's water-resistant instead of waterproof. Without a doubt, comfort is our favorite aspect of the Bravo. It stretches and flexes in all the right places, while still providing somewhat decent support during the swing. Walking the course in hot conditions has never been so easy. The spikeless traction system is amazing in that it grips really well on the course, yet feels like a walking shoe. This traction combined with the overall design of the upper makes it extremely versatile, paving the way for a seamless transition from work to the links. It goes without saying that the Tomo Bravo is best for warmer, dry conditions, and is recommended for the fashion-conscious who value versatility and comfort.

Tomo Bravo Golf Shoe

As we've come to expect from New Balance Fresh Foam golf shoes, the Fresh Foam Contend brings the feel of a running/walking shoe to the golf course. Not only does it bring this lightweight comfort, but it throws in golf-specific performance that makes it one of the best sport/athletic style golf shoes out there. Our favorite feature of the Fresh Foam Contend is its comfort. It really is noticeable over an 18 hole round, which doesn't leave your feet feeling fatigued at all. The spikeless traction system is great in that it performs brilliantly on the course, yet is comfortable and versatile enough for walking throughout the day on any type of surface. It's always a challenge trying to combine breathability and waterproofing, but the Fresh Foam Contend does this really well, allowing for it to be worn year-round. We recommend the NB Fresh Foam Contend for those who don't like spending a fortune on golf shoes, yet still demand high performance, versatility and durability.

New Balance Fresh Foam Contend cropped.jpg

True to G/FORE tradition, the G/FORE Durf golf shoe is just about as stylish as they come. Sure, it doesn't perform all that great on the golf course, but it certainly gets you everywhere you want to go in style and comfort, including the golf course. Among one of the many advantages of wearing this golf shoe everywhere is that when you do make it to the course, you don't have to change shoes. The cleat design is great in that it grips well on all surfaces, which makes it comfortable for walking yet still grippy enough for the course. Aside from style, this traction system and the overall comfort of the shoe are our favorite aspects. As with quite a lot of G/FORE golf shoes, the Durf caters those willing to spend a pretty penny for awesome style and high quality.

GFORE Durf Golf Shoe
Nike Jordan ADG 4 Golf Shoe

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