The Complete Golf Shoe Buyer's Guide 

With more and more companies producing more and more varieties of golf shoes, it has become increasingly difficult to choose which ones to buy. Not too long ago, most of them were almost the same, both in terms of looks and performance. These days, you can choose from classic style shoes to sneakers to street shoes and many more. At Golf Shoes Info, we’ve created a golf shoe buyer's guide, making it just a bit easier to choose which ones to buy. Through our reviews, comparisons, and top 10 lists, we hope your decision process will be that much easier. By breaking golf shoes down into categories and then reviewing and comparing them, it should help answer the all important questions of: Which golf shoes should I buy? And: What are the best golf shoes?


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Which Style Golf Shoe Should I Get?

There are basically 4 types of golf shoes on the market:


Casual/retro/street - These "street" style shoes look stylish and are often comfortable as well. You'll find that your feet have more room in these shoes than other styles. They are spikeless golf shoes, which means they don't have the classic style soft spikes, but have traction lugs/nubs instead. While some insist their performance isn't up to par with other styles of shoes, the fact that a number of PGA Tour players opt for them is a strong indication that they perform as required. These shoes are great because you can wear them to work and then straight onto the golf course. 

Strengths: Stylish. Can wear on and off the golf course. Comfortable

Weaknesses: May lack stability and support. Not the best for walking

Recommended for: The casual golfer who wants a stylish shoe they can wear everywhere. You don't mind riding in a cart, but still require comfort and performance.

Classic - These are the original style golf shoes. When most people think of golf shoes, these are what come to mind. Most of them have leather uppers with spiked traction, though there are a few spikeless ones on the market as well. Although they may look classic, the interiors boast the latest cushion and supportive technology. They look great with long pants and add a classy look to any outfit. You can usually expect to pay a bit more for classic golf shoes.

Strenghts: Classy and stylish. Good support and traction. Highly waterproof

Weaknesses: Usually higher in price. Heavier than other styles

Recommended for: Golfers who don't mind paying more for a classic look while maintaining support and traction. You don't mind paying the extra price.  Perhaps better for cart golf, but you'll have no problem walking with them also.

Performance - These golf shoes look sportier than classic designs, while maintaining that unique "golf shoe" look. They focus on performance, which means they consistently rank high in stability, support and traction. You'll find a more snug fit with these shoes, but by no means a sacrifice in comfort. They look great with all types of attire, and are capable of tackling the toughest terrains. Traction is usually spiked, though there are plenty of spikeless as well. Prices for these shoes vary greatly.

Strengths: Sleek design. Good support and traction. Most quite waterproof. Lightweight. Great all around shoe

Weaknesses: Not many! 

Recommended for: Those in need of an all around golf shoe that can tackle all types of terrain. You enjoy walking the course, but still require a high level of support and stability.

PUMA PROADAPT Delta Performance Golf Shoe

Trainer/Sport - These golf shoes are more reminiscent of athletic trainers than golf shoes. They're designed for comfort, but still maintain solid traction, which is pretty much evenly divided between spiked and spikeless. These shoes are also a snug fit, but breathe the best of any shoe. They look best with shorts, and can be found at bargain prices. They usually aren't as stable and supportive as classic and performance shoes, but are lightweight golf shoes and great for hot days.

Strengths: Very breathable. Comfortable. Flexible. Good for walking. Lightweight

Weaknesses: Usually not as waterproof as other styles. May lack stability and support. May not look good with long pants

Recommended for: Golfers who enjoy walking the course. You enjoy playing on hot days, and require a breathable shoe. You care more about comfort than anything else.

Which Golf Shoe Brands Are The Best?

This question is like choosing your favorite child. It's literally impossible to answer. Nobody has the same feet as you. Nobody has the same swing or gait as you. And nobody has the same aethetic tastes as you. It is therefore not only impossible, but unfair to label any one brand the best. Luckily, the golf shoe market is saturated with hundreds of different models to choose from. Our aim is to help you sift through these until you have your perfect match.

What Golf Shoes Are The Pros Wearing?

Cam Smith was the latest winner on the PGA Tour with victory at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, which was held at Plantation Course at Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii. He maintained his lead over world #1 Jon Rahm in the final round wearing the FootJoy Premiere Series - Packard. This has become one of the most popular shoes among tour pros. Ladies and gentlemen, here are Cam Smith's golf shoes:

FootJoy Premiere Series Packard Cam Smith Golf Shoes

New Releases and Special Editions

It's great to see Stuburt entering the extreme golf weather world with the Evolve Sport II Spiked Golf Boot. When it comes to fully-fledged winter golf shoes/boots, there are very, very few options, so it's cool to see this one. It goes without saying that this Stuburt golf boot fills a specific niche, and those who live in hot climates or don't play in the winter months don't have to read any further. However, if you can't kick the desire to play even in the wettest, coldest months, the Evolve Sport II Spiked Golf Boot is a fantastic option. As we'd expect, it grips really well in wet conditions with its solid spiked outsole, and offers pretty decent support. One of the aspects we love the most about this men's winter golf boot is its affordability. At well under $100, it's definitely worth considering buying just for cold, wet days.

Stuburt Evolve Sport II Golf Boot

The Skechers GO GOLF Arch Fit - Line Up is a fantastic option for those in need of extra arch support. We love how Skechers identified this need and created a whole shoe based on it. The overall comfort of the shoe is really good, which makes it a great option for walking the course. The mesh upper keeps the Skechers Arch Fit plenty breathable, yet provides enough water-resistance to get through pretty wet conditions. While the arch support of the GO GOLF Arch Fit is fantastic, the other areas of the shoe offer adequate but not stand-out support. The spikeless traction does its job, and allows for versatility. As per usual when it comes to Skechers golf shoes, the Arch Fit Line Up is very affordable. It kind of goes without saying that we recommend this Skechers golf shoe for those in need of comfort and arch support, and who don't want to break the bank.

skechers go golf arch fit - line up_edited.jpg

As expected, the PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC is exactly the same as the original Fasten8, except for the closure system, which is dial/disc//boa. It saves the hassle of dealing with laces and also allows for a slightly more precision/custom fit. We always have high expectations for IGNITE golf shoes, and this one certainly meets and exceeds them. As expected, it performs and feels very similar to other IGNITE golf shoes. The IGNITE FASTEN8 DISC is very, very comfortable. As always, we love the IGNITE foam. It feels like walking on clouds and is so responsive. Then there's the support. the PWRCage technology and the fastening system combine to keep your feet perfectly stable. The spikeless traction system is versatile, which means it's excellent for walking yet still provides the grip you need during the swing. Because of its mesh/microfiber upper and waterproofing, the IGNITE FASTEN8 DISC is able to be worn in just about all conditions, year-round. Simply put, this PUMA golf shoe is one of the best golf shoes out there, and we recommend it to everyone because of its high performance, comfort and affordability.

PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC Golf Shoe

Versatility is the name of the game with the G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer. You can literally spend all day in this shoe, whether it be on the course, at the park or doing errands. Going hand in hand with this versatility is its comfort. The EVA midsole and removable insole feel great when walking and swinging. While it is sufficiently water-resistant, we wouldn't necessarily say it's waterproof. This means it will hold up in semi-wet conditions, but not so much in rain. The stitch upper feels nice and somewhat airy, meaning it won't overheat in hot conditions. While the MG4X2 can definitely be worn year-round, it is perhaps best suited for warmer conditions. Our main criticism is that we'd like to see more lateral support during the swing, particularly when on uneven lies. We recommend the G/FORE MG4X2 for the fashion-conscious in need of versatility who don't want to bother lugging around golf shoes.

New Balance Striker v2 Golf Shoe

We love how the FootJoy HyperFlex is both breathable and waterproof. This is without a doubt our favorite feature of this FootJoy mesh golf shoe. This year-round wearabiility definitely appeals to a huge market who don't want to bother with buying different types of golf shoes for various seasonal conditions. On top of this versatility comes comfort. The mesh upper and amazing cushioning systems blend perfectly, which makes walking the course a joy (depending on your score!?) While the traction system is top-notch and ensures almost zero slippage, the overall support of the shoe during the swing is lacking a bit. The mesh upper isn't really reinforced with any supporting technology that would really boost our overall score of the shoe. Nonetheless, the HyperFlex is a solid, year-round, mid-level FootJoy golf shoe that appeals to a large demographic.

footjoy hyperflex_edited.jpg

It's great to see Mizuno expanding into the casual golf shoe world with the G-Style. It's safe to say it isn't their most technologically advanced golf shoe, but that's not the intention. The Mizuno G-Style was created for the more trendy golfer who values style, comfort and a chill vibe over anything else. Perhaps what we love most about this casual Mizuno golf shoe is its versatility. The traction lugs are hidden from side view, and feel great when walking on just about any surface. Actual golf-specific performance in the G-Style is somewhat lacking. While the traction system does enough to satisfy, the support of the shoe during the swing just isn't the best. Nonetheless, as we already said, this Mizuno golf shoe caters to the relaxed golfer who demands comfort and style.

Mizuno G-Style Golf Shoe

The Callaway Coronado V2 SL is very similar to the Coronado V2, except it's spikeless instead of spiked. Aside from this, the other main difference is that the V2 SL is a combo of microfiber and mesh, whereas the original Coronado V2 is microfiber. This slight difference gives the Coronado V2 SL a more sporty look and feel along with increased breathability but decreased waterproofing. The midsole and insole offer amazing rebound and overall comfort. This Coronado spikeless version boasts good stability during the swing, particularly in the heel, which has pretty much eliminated all unwanted movement in that area while swinging. The outsole/traction system is good as well, offering all the grip you'll ever need on the course yet is also great for walking. We recommend the Callaway Coronado V2 SL for the mid to low handicap golfer who can appreciate all the performance and comfort it offers at a very reasonable price.

Callaway Coronado V2 SL Golf Shoe

The adidas Adicross ZX Primeblue Spikeless Golf Shoe is perfect for those in need of versatility. It looks just like a trainer/sport shoe, and feels like it too. This leads us to our favorite part of the golf shoe; it's traction. It performs amazingly well on the course, providing excellent stability during the swing, yet also feels perfect when walking on any surface on and off the course. For those of us who feel too lazy to lug around golf shoes, this is perfect. The Adicross ZX Primeblue is also really comfortable. Boost cushioning technology has established itself as second to none. The Primeblue upper not only feels comfortable as well, but is environmentally-friendly. Our only criticism of the shoe is that it's not as waterproof as led to believe. It will keep out morning dew and keep your feet relatively dry in damp conditions, but it won't hold out in rain.

adidas Adicross ZX Primeblue Golf Shoe

It's really cool to see yet another brand enter the golf shoe world, More famous for their cross-fit shoes than perhaps anything else, NOBULL has decided to apply their knowledge to their first golf shoe model, the MATRYX.  This athletic style golf shoe looks awesome. It is simple, yet fashionable and also extremely comfortable. Style and comfort are without question the standout features of this MATRYX golf shoe. Another cool feature of the MATRYX is that it is versatile, which means it looks and feels great when worn on the course as well as off. The traction system complements this by featuring materials that grip not only on grass and dirt but just about any surface you'll encounter in daily life.  As versatile as this NOBULL golf shoe is, its golf-specific performance is average. It lacks a bit in on-course grip and support, which is why we recommend it to the casual golfer whose priorities are comfort and style.


The Nike Victory G Lite Men's Golf Shoe is all about summer! Nothing makes a shoe more suited for summer than lightweight breathability. Throw in a traction system that is great for walking on all surfaces and you have yourself one of the most versatile hot weather golf shoes out there. As far as golf-specific performance is concerned, the Victory G Lite doesn't really impress. The traction system, while versatile and comfortable for walking, doesn't provide adequate grip with certain lies/surfaces, and the lightweight breathable nature of the shoe doesn't really provide enough support during the swing. However, this Nike golf shoe was never intended to provide world-class performance. It was intended to be comfortable on hot dry days, and for this it has absolutely succeeded. A bonus feature we like is the stretchy material that wraps around the shoe, which provides at least a bit of protection against morning dew. We recommend the Nike Victory G Lite for those in hot climates who demand breathability and comfort.

Nike Victory G Lite Golf Shoe

The G/FORE G/DRIVE is, in our opinion, the best performance golf shoe that this brand offers. There are a number of specialized features that make this a high-end performance golf shoe, beginning with the Macneil Fast Twitch closure system. Yes, it's very similar to other BOA closure systems, but this one consists of two dials, essentially creating an even more custom fit. Throw in the external heel cap, which locks the heel area during the swing, and you have top of the line support in all the right places. The other standout feature of the G/DRIVE is its comfort. The TPU upper feels great, as does the fitbed and midsole. These combine to provide lots of rebound that saves energy when walking the course. This shoe is also quite breathable and waterproof, which means it can be comfortably worn all year. At well over $200, the G/DRIVE certainly isn't cheap, but you definitely get high-end performance and comfort.


What a time to be a golfer! With all the different types of golf shoes available there has never been so many options. GOATLANE Leather Golf Shoes fit into the casual and versatile category. Just look at them! They perfectly blend modern casual styles with minimalist elegance. What we really love is the hidden traction, which further increases their versatile look. You can literally wear these golf shoes anywhere in most conditions as they are waterproof, relatively breathable and quite comfortable. As far as on-course performance goes, GOATLANE golf shoes are ok. They certainly don't stand out performance-wise, but they do the job for your average golfer. While not all golfers will appreciate what these shoes have to offer, many who value style, versatility and quality, definitely will.

GOATLANE Leather Golf Shoe

As the names suggest, the Callaway Del Mar Sunset and the original Del Mar are very similar. Aside from aesthetic differences, pretty much all of the technology carries over. The standout feature of the Del Mar Sunset is no doubt its style. Its casual, SoCal vibe is versatile and fits in great in all environments on and off the course. The main difference between this and the original Del Mar, aside from aesthetics, is that the Del Mar Sunset's upper is mostly textile, and is slightly more waterproof than the original. Since it's relatively breathable and dependably waterproof, the Del Mar Sunset is great for year-round play. Don't expect too much in terms of on-course performance, but it is sufficient enough to get you around comfortably and most importantly, in style.

Callaway Del Mar Sunset Golf Shoe

The adidas Codechaos 21 Primeblue is actually quite different from the original CodeChaos. We were expecting a lot more similarities, so let's dive in to what we felt about the Codechaos 21 Primeblue. First of all, it definitely looks original/unique. It's not for everyone, but you'll for sure stand out on the course. We felt the Codechaos 21 Primeblue was ever so slightly less comfortable than the original CodeChaos, but in the bigger picture is still quite comfortable. Any time you have Boost cushioning you know it's going to be comfortable. While it was designed to be worn year-round, the Codechaos 21 Primeblue can get a bit warm, and doesn't provide the highest level of waterproofing we were hoping for. In terms of golf-specific performance, this adidas golf shoe delivers excellent stability by way of an amazing spikeless traction system and a pretty darn supportive upper.

adidas Codechaos 21 Primeblue Golf Shoe

The Stuburt Urban 2.0 Spikeless Golf Shoe is a versatile, casual golf shoe that can be worn just about everywhere. Sure, it definitely doesn't perform on the golf course anywhere near the level of top-performance golf shoes, but this was never its intention. Rather, it was designed for the more stylish, casual golfer who doesn't want to lug around an extra pair of golf shoes when they hit the links. Along with the versatile style of the upper, the outsole contributes to this versatility by way of lightweight walking comfort. Unfortunately, this means that the Urban 2.0 doesn't grip very well during the swing in wet conditions. Speaking of wet conditions, this casaul Stuburt golf shoe isn't waterproof, so definitely check the weather forecast before heading out. Do keep in mind that this shoe is only $59, so all things considered, it's still an amazing deal and provides sufficient performance for the weekend golfer.

Stuburt Urban 2.0 Golf Shoe

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For those who can't bear to hibernate the sticks in the depths of winter, the adidas S2G Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut Golf Shoe is the perfect option. It was specially designed to stay warm and waterproof in even the harshest conditions. It goes without saying that not everyone will find this golf boot useful, but less fortunate golfers who deal with cold rain and mud most definitely will. What we really love about this boot is that it still feels pretty good when walking, and the traction system is somewhat versatile. While it is spiked, there are only 4 cleats, which combine with v-shaped permanent traction lugs to create solid grip but also comfortable walking. As is expected of mid-cut golf shoes/boots, the S2G Mid-Cut is supportive and provides the stability you need in harsh conditions. While it's certainly not for everyone, this adidas winter golf boot fills a niche and does a great job for what is was designed for.

adidas S2G Recycled Polyester Mid-Cut Golf Shoe

We love how Under Armour provides a wide variety of golf shoes, and this time they've focused on comfort. We love their HOVR technology, which is definitely the highlight of the the UA Forge RC. It just feels great for walking, seemingly injecting energy into each step. The spikeless Rotational Resistance traction is lightweight and absolutely fantastic for walking. And as good as it is for walking, the outsole also grips really well on the course and during the swing. Do keep in mind that the Forge RC isn't fully waterproof, so we recommend it for dry, warmer conditions. We wish there was a bit more support during the swing, but overall the shoe does feel pretty darn good for all-around wear and play. We recommend the Under Armour Forge RC for those who do a lot of walking in warm/hot conditions and place an emphasis on comfort.

Under Armour HOVR Forge RC Golf Shoe

The Royal Albartross The Croco is all about style. Casual/sneaker style golf shoes are definitely in, and with a plethora to choose from, it's hard to stick out from the pack. This one does. Looking at style alone, The Croco is unique in its faux crocodile leather upper. This certainly isn't for everyone, but for the fashion-conscious who like to turn heads, The Croco is ideal. While it doesn't offer much in the way of golf-specific performance, it does offer high-quality. For this price we would expect no less, but it's worth noting that the leather upper and overall make of the shoe will last a long time. While it's water-resistant, The Croco won't do well in rain, so we recommend it for dry conditions. The traction system, like the rest of the shoe, is versatile. It's really comfortable when walking on all types of surfaces, and grips decently on the course as well. Like we said, it's not for everyone, but definitely appeals to a large demographic.

Royal Albartross The Croco Golf Shoe

The Jordan ADG series golf shoe has been the most accessible over the years, and the trend continues. This newest version, the Jordan ADG 3, is of course awesome. We're huge fans of just about every Jordan golf shoe, and this one is no exception. The biggest reason for our infatuation is style. It embodies the essence of Jordan shoes. However, style isn't the only reason we love this shoe. Next on our list is comfort. It boasts the popular Air Zoom Unit, which feels amazing when walking. The Jordan ADG 3 is breathable enough and waterproof enough to be worn year-round, though we wouldn't recommend it for really hot conditions. Its spikeless traction system grips well and also feels good when walking, and the shoe offers good support during the swing, particularly in the heel area. We recommend the Nike Jordan ADG 3 for the stylish, Jordan enthusiast looking for something a bit different that definitely gets the job done on the course.

Nike Jordan ADG 3 Golf Shoe

Versatility is the name of the game with the G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer. You can literally spend all day in this shoe, whether it be on the course, at the park or doing errands. Going hand in hand with this versatility is its comfort. The EVA midsole and removable insole feel great when walking and swinging. While it is sufficiently water-resistant, we wouldn't necessarily say it's waterproof. This means it will hold up in semi-wet conditions, but not so much in rain. The stitch upper feels nice and somewhat airy, meaning it won't overheat in hot conditions. While the MG4X2 can definitely be worn year-round, it is perhaps best suited for warmer conditions. Our main criticism is that we'd like to see more lateral support during the swing, particularly when on uneven lies. We recommend the G/FORE MG4X2 for the fashion-conscious in need of versatility who don't want to bother lugging around golf shoes.

G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer

The ECCO BIOM H4 BOA is our new favorite ECCO golf shoe! We've always been a fan of the BIOM Hybrid series, and this is by far the best one yet. In the past, we felt they lacked just a bit of support and overall performance. However, this time around, they hit the nail on the head. The BIOM Hybrid 4 BOA, in our humble opinion, is one of the most comfortable golf shoes out there. The FLUIDFORM system in the PU midsole feels awesome, and there's no doubt this golf shoe is perfect for walking the course, particularly on wet days, as the Gore-Tex upper ensures a totally dry foot. The traction system is largely the same as the BIOM Hybrid 3, consisting of three different zones, with each one serving a specific purpose. This BOA version of the H4 adds just a but more of a custom fit, which costs an additional $30. While the BIOM H4 BOA is certainly not cheap, it is made of high quality leather and will definitely last a long time. In our eyes, the biggest improvement in this model is the support. While perhaps not enhancing the look of the shoe, the TPU inserts on the sides of the shoe really do add lateral stability. We recommend the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 4 BOA for the low handicap golfer who demands the highest in performance and durability.


We absolutely love the look of the Duca del Cosma JL golf shoe. It's a perfect combination of classic and modern styles. It certainly isn't cheap, but it boasts high quality leather, and the spikeless outsole allows the shoe to be worn comfortably off the course as well. While it looks amazing anywhere you go, it doesn't necessarily perform that great on the course. The traction system is pretty solid, and is sufficient for most, but it seems to lack a bit in support. The Duca del Cosma Joost Luiten golf shoe is reasonably breathable, but it's not waterproof, so you have to be careful which conditions you play in. This stylish golf shoe won't satisfy everyone, but it definitely appeals to a certain crowd whose priorities lie in style and versatility.

Duca del Cosma JL Golf Shoe

The Under Armour HOVR Knit Lace Up feels great. We love any UA shoe that utilizes their awesome HOVR cushioning technology, and this one is no different. This comfort combined with a high level of breathability makes it a great summer golf shoe that can also be worn off the course. The HOVR Knit Lace Up's versatile traction is pretty great because not only does it feel good when walking, but it also grips amazingly well during the swing. As expected, the knit upper doesn't provide quite as much support as some other UA golf shoes, but it still does the job. While the style of the shoe may not be for everyone, we appreciate its rather unique look, which undoubtedly appeals to quite a large demographic. We recommend the UA HOVR Knit Lace Up for the mid-handicap golfer who needs a versatile, comfortable golf shoe for the warmer months.

Under Armour HOVR Knit Lace Up Golf Shoe

The GRIP FUSION PRO 3.0 is another very affordable, athletic-style golf shoe from PUMA. We love how they have more options in this category than just about any other brand. What separates this particular model from the other sport-style Fusion models is that its upper is microfiber instead of textile and mesh. This decreases breathability and increases waterproofing.  As with the other Fusion models, the standout feature of the GRIP FUSION PRO 3.0 is its comfort and versatility. You can easily wear it in comfort all day in just about any setting. The golf-specific performance of this sport PUMA golf shoe is, shall we say, middle of the pack. It doesn't offer anything extraordinary, but it doesn't necessarily leave you wanting more either. It's hard to go wrong with the Grip Fusion Pro 3.0 when considering that it's only $95. We recommend this golf shoe for beginner to intermediate golfers on a budget who demand comfort and versatility.


Lightweight comfort is the name of the game for the COLE HAAN Generation ZEROGRAND. Its innovative Stitchlite mesh upper feels amazing, and blends perfectly with the midsole and sockliner. There's no doubt that the Generation ZEROGRAND literally feels like you're walking on clouds. In fact, we can say this is one of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking. Although it's water-resistant, we definitely recommend the Generation ZEROGRAND for warm, dry conditions. The golf-specific performance of this COLE HAAN golf shoe was slightly disappointing. We say this because while the traction system works amazingly well for walking, it doesn't provide a whole lot of grip. As comfortable and breathable as the upper is, it doesn't offer much in the way of lateral support during the swing. We recommend the COLE HAAN Generation ZEROGRAND for the trendy golfer who needs something versatile and comfortable.

COLE HAAN Generation ZEROGRAND Golf Shoe

The FootJoy Traditions looks like a traditional golf shoe, but performs like a performance golf shoe. You'd never expect it to be as light as it is, nor as comfortable. Aside from cool looks, these are our favorite things about this classic style golf shoe. The genuine leather upper adds an extra touch of class to an already classy golf shoe, and also makes it breathe quite well and increases the shoe's durability and feel. Because it's also waterproof, the FJ Traditions is great for year-round play, even for walking. The spiked traction system is really effective too, keeping you firmly planted to the ground in all conditions, and the Fast Twist system makes it easy to insert and remove cleats. Considering its high-quality materials and overall solid performance, the FJ Traditions is a great deal for those who favor classic style golf shoes without the high price tag.

FootJoy Traditions Golf Shoe

First and foremost, we just have to say how much we love the looks of the ECCO GOLF CORE! It perfectly blends casual and performance properties, which gives off such a sleek vibe. Considering it's made of high-quality leather, the GOLF CORE is also very affordable. As with most ECCO golf shoes, this one will last a long time. Aside from aesthetics, the GOLF CORE's standout feature is its comfort. The FLUIDFORM midsole makes walking a joy, and we love how the insole is removable and washable. The GOLF CORE's water-repellent upper doesn't overheat too much, and does enough to keep your feet dry in most conditions. However, it probably won't stand up to heavy rain or really soggy conditions. The support/stability offered by the GOLF CORE is sufficient, but not among the highest-performing golf shoes. We recommend this ECCO golf shoe for those in need of something really durable and comfortable that looks awesome too.


We were very pleasantly surprised by the TRUE linkswear OG Sport! It definitely performed on the course much better than we thought it would. The wide toe box, low drop and surprisingly good support in the upper combine to deliver a very solid knit, sport-style golf shoe. The adaptive fit knit feels really good both when walking and during the swing, and is both breathable and waterproof. This combination isn't easy to find, and we commend TRUE for pulling it off. The traction system is both grippy enough for golf and versatile enough to be worn off the course as well. With the upper looking as awesome as it does, this golf shoe fits-in just about anywhere. We recommend the OG Sport for the trendy golfer who appreciates a casual, comfortable vibe.

TRUE linkswear OG Sport Golf Shoe

We've been looking forward to the Under Armour Curry 8 Spikeless Golf Shoe for quite some time, so were excited to see what the hype was about. It didn't disappoint. For what is was designed for, the UA Curry 8 does the job. The first thing that stands out is its style. The Curry 8 golf shoe looks awesome and the nature of the design allows it to be extremely versatile. It definitely doesn't only belong on the golf course. Of course comfort is expected in all UA golf shoes, and this one delivers. We were happy to see the HOVR technology combined with a knit upper, which created a really, really comfortable golf shoe. Keep in mind that although it's water-resistant, the Curry 8 won't keep out water in super wet conditions. However, it is very breathable, and is thus better for warmer, drier conditions. We recommend the Curry 8 for the stylish golfer who demands comfort and versatile traction that grips really well.

Under Armour Curry 8 Golf Shoe

We were really excited when the PUMA PROADAPT Delta came out because we're huge fans of previous editions. And we're happy to report that it lived up to and even surpassed our expectations! There really aren't any weaknesses in this high-performance PUMA golf shoe. Let's begin with aesthetics. The PROADAPT Delta looks amazing, combining a sleek design with incredible performance which has always been the signature of the PROADAPT series. Then there's comfort. The overall secure fit of the shoe and responsive cushioning make walking the course a joy. An innovative traction design in the heel allows for each spiked area to conform to the terrain, which enhances comfort and again, makes walking effortless. We'd even go so far as to say this is one of the best traction systems in any golf shoe, ever. The same could be said about the overall support of the shoe; it's easily in the top ten of the most supportive golf shoes out there. We definitely recommend the PROADAPT Delta for the serious, low handicap golfer who demands nothing but the best in terms of performance and aesthetics.