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Callaway Coronado V2 LX

Our Callaway Ranking: 5th/13


Style – Classic


Price - $149.95


Waterproof – 2 year waterproof warranty


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spiked


What they say:


A next level fusion of traditional design on a performance platform. The Coronado v2 LX will comfort your feet with a full-grain leather upper, and inject a new level of comfort & performance into your game with the ForgedFoam EVA midsole.




*Full-grain leather upper with Opti-Dry - Protects against the elements

*ForgedFoam EVA midsole - Superior comfort and performance

*CounterLok heel stabilizer - Offers additional support in the heel area during the swing

*Molded 7mm PU insole - Additional comfort


*TPU Fusion-Lite outsole featuring 9 removable cleats - Multidirectional traction-control lugs combine with the the cleats to help you get lower to the ground to improve power and swing stability. Overall a very lightweight sole.


*Opti-vent mesh liner - Increased breathability and heat management


What we say:


The Callaway Coronado V2 LX shares much of the same technology as its sister, the Callaway Coronado V2. The only real difference, aside from some aesthetic ones, is the material of the upper, which is full-grain leather instead of synthetic. Hence the "LX" part of the name. Full-grain leather just looks and feels better than synthetic, and is also slightly more breathable and durable. The Callaway Coronado V2 models are the newer models of the original Coronado, hence the "V2". We liked the original Coronado, but we love the Coronado V2 LX! It kept everything that was great about the original and added extra stability and comfort. As far as comfort is concerned, they just improved their cushioning technology, which was already awesome to begin with. The midsole and insole offer just a touch more rebound and overall comfort. This new Coronado LX version added extra stability during the swing, particularly in the heel, which has pretty much eliminated all unwanted movement in that area while swinging. The outsole/traction system is slightly improved as well, offering all the grip you'll ever need on the course. We recommend the Callaway Coronado V2 LX for the mid to low handicap golfer who can appreciate all the performance and comfort it offers at a very reasonable price.


Our Score: 66/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                  10                     8                    10                 10                    9                  9                 66

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Callaway Coronado V2 LX Golf Shoe
Callaway Coronado V2 LX Golf Shoes
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