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Style – Performance/Sport


Price - $141.99


Waterproof – water repellent


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spiked


What they say:


The ECCO Cage EVO is our high-performance answer to unpredictable course conditions, delivering unparalleled comfort without compromising capability. Built for a superior walk right out of the box, the Cage EVO combines a DIP wrap system with polyurethane upper to meet any challenge you may face on the course. Boasting unmatched support for the entire foot, its Freedom Fit construction feels unbelievably natural, securing the heel while allowing the toes more freedom than they're used to. A golf shoe unlike any other, with style to match.




*Integrated TPU shank and anatomically-designed sole - Matches the shape of the foot


*Polyerethane-based upper with KPU textile. Treated with Hydromax - Protects from the elements


*Removable comfort fiber inlay sole


*CHAMP spikes with Slim-Lok fitting - Thin and light spike fastening system, has a low profile locking ring that virtually eliminates the             chance of spikes coming loose


*Outsole follows shape and muscle definition of the foot


*Polyurethane cage system with KPU textile - Supports the heel and foot during swing, adds durability


What customers say:


Pros – Very comfortable

            Good grip

            No breaking in required

            Good fit


Cons – Not completely waterproof


What we say:


As you may have already gathered, the ECCO Cage EVO is very similar to its brother, the ECCO Cage. The technology is the same, as is the overall comfort and performance. While the Cage EVO was designed to be comfortable in any environment, it honestly doesn't really feel any different than the Cage. The Cage EVO's upper is more textile-based, which perhaps makes it more breathable, but is barely noticeable. On the plus side, it's a bit cheaper, and an all around good shoe. As we said before with the Cage, it's very comfortable and supportive, and has great traction. It is definitely geared towards high level golfers who play in different environments.


Our Score: 63/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   8                    10                    8                    8                   10                   10                  9                63

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