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Our ECCO Ranking: 1st/20


Style – Sport


Price - $230


Waterproof – Yes


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


Breathable comfort and innovative performance are mixed with a contemporary, sneaker-style aesthetic in the ECCO MEN'S GOLF BIOM C4, the next generation of the BIOM COOL PRO.




*ECCO performance leather upper treated with GORE-TEX waterproofing technology – Keeps your feet dry in wet conditions and also increases breathability

*Mesh sock - Super stretchy, which improves the fit and comfort

*EXHAUST GRID - Located in the midsole, it enables air ventilation towards the sole of your foot


*BIOM Natural Motion Technology - Brings you closer to the ground using an anatomical last. This essentially encourages a more natural walking motion, enhancing feel and comfort.


*FLUIDFORM - Direct injection of fluid materials into the midsole for amazing comfort


*OrthoLite insole - Optimal in-shoe comfort and optional extra width when taken out


*ECCO MTN GRIP outsole - Has 3 zones; one for stability, one for durability and one for rotation. This basically means there are 3 separate types of traction on the oustole. The outsole is also very flexible and comfortable.


What we say:


Just when we thought things couldn't get better than the BIOM H4, they did! Well, to say the ECCO BIOM C4 is better than the H4 is purely subjective, considering how amazing they both are. However, in our humble opinion, the BIOM C4 barely nudges the BIOM H4 into second place. Without a doubt, the highlight of the BIOM C4 is its combination of breathability and waterproofing. It's not easy at all finding golf shoes with this combo, so we really appreciate when this feat is pulled off. ECCO has managed this with a couple different technologies. First of all, the GORE-TEX and high quality leather upper not only provide excellent waterproofing, but also add to the breathability. Then there's the EXHAUST GRID, which is not at all gimmicky, that noticeably increases airflow and breathability. The last thing we'll rave about is the traction system, which is one of the best spikeless systems out there. It is extremely comfortable when walking, while at the same time gripping amazingly well on the golf course. Though the price tag is a bit high, you get what you pay for, which is why we confidently recommend the BIOM C4 for those willing to pay for high quality performance.


Our Score: 66/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    10                   9                    10                  10                   9                   9                 66

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ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoe
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoes
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoes
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoe
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoe
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoes
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoes
ECCO BIOM C4 Golf Shoe
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