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ECCO Golf Cool GTX



Style – Performance


Price - $219.99


Waterproof – Yes


Width options – Regular




What they say:


The ECCO Golf Cool GTX is a stylish and smart men's golf shoe that also delivers exceptional sporting performance on the green. Its subtle Scandinavian styling means that these shoes look as good as they perform.




*Supple Dritton leather upper - Increased breathability and flex with the natural movement of the foot


*Zarma II spikes - The outsole features 8 of these spikes that provide stability and grip. They are easy to remove and inidicate when need to be replaced. Very green-friendly


*Perforated midsole PU grids - An advanced air channeling system provides 360 degree breathability without letting moisture in


*GORE-TEX SURROUND technology - Waterproof barrier against moisture


What customers say:


Pros – Comfortable

            Good fit


Cons – Not very durable

             Spikes can come loose/out

             Some experience heel rubbing


What we say:


We have somewhat mixed feelings about the ECCO Golf Cool GTX. On one hand, we love the combination of breathability and waterproofing, which obviously makes this shoe great for all seasons. However, we are slightly disappointed by its performance. By no means is it poor, but it doesn't excel either. It's certainly not cheap, and for this price, we were expecting a bit more. While we love Zarma spikes, the outsole itself doesn't feature much in the way of extra traction. Regardless of this, the Golf Cool GTX is quite innovative with its Dritton leather and cooling system.


Our Score: 61/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    9                      9                     9                   9                     8                   8                 61

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