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ECCO Golf Lux



Style – Classic


Price - $300


Waterproof – Water resistant


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spiked


What they say:


The ECCO Golf Lux boasts a classic style complete with leather welt that is brought up to date with innovative sports technology to create a timeless addition to any clubhouse locker.




*Supple leather upper - Increased breathability and flex with the natural movement of the foot


*Perforated leather lining - Increased comfort


*Direct injected PU midsole - Provides responsive cushioning


*Two inlay soles - Extra cushioning


*Champ SLIM-Lok and Zarma spikes - Each shoe features 9 spikes that provide flawless stability throughout the swing


What customers say:


Pros – Comfortable

            Good quality


Cons – None so far!


What we say:


There's no doubt that the ECCO Golf Lux men's golf shoe looks fantastic. Such a simple, classic, elegant design leaves little to be desired aesthetically. However, this comes with a hefty price tag, and not necessarily the performance one would expect. For instance, we find its support to be adequate but not great, and while we like Champ SLIM-Lok spikes, the outsole doesn't really feature any additional traction lugs/nubs for that extra bit of stability. This being said, the Golf Lux is very comfortable, which is not always the case with classic style golf shoes.


Our Score: 62/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                  10                    8                     9                    9                     8                   8                 62

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