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FootJoy Tour X

Our FootJoy Ranking: 4th/22


Style – Performance


Price - $199.99


Waterproof – 2 year warranty


Width options – Regular, Wide


Traction - Spiked

Worn by PGA pros:  Harris English


                                  Kevin Kisner

What they say:


Inspired by our vast network of Tour players, the all new FootJoy Tour X delivers a total Max Feel, featuring PowerStrap and LaunchPod technologies for Tour-validated stability, comfort and control. Tour X is the latest best-in-class innovation powered stability shoe from FJ. Designed for players who unleash the fury - Tour X works to redirect and funnel their power by ensuring balance and a stable foundation throughout the swing.




*ChromoSkin leather upper – Durable and waterproof


*PowerPlate outsole - It is essentially a platform, which is lightweight and creates extra stabaility. Allows for effecient power transfer during the swing


*LaunchPod technology - These are where the spikes are. There are nine LaunchPods that surround the spike with extra traction, creating increased surface area and unparalleled grip


*PowerStrap - It's a power component molded into the upper, which provides lock-down medial and lateral support.


*OrthoLite Fitbed - It doesn't set, so the cushioning remains the same throughout the life of the shoe


What customers say:


Pros – Lightweight

            Comfortable, no breaking-in required

            Great stability/support


Cons – None so far!


What we say:


The FootJoy Tour X is essentially an updated version of the Tour-S, which is a good thing, because we really like the Tour-S. They are so similar, in fact, that pretty much all the technology is the same. The outsole is the same, which is one of the best you're going to find in terms of grip. In a high-performance golf shoe such as this, we expect the outsole to be completely golf-specific. This means it isn't versatile at all. You won't be wearing the Tour X outside the golf course, but while on the course, you will have zero slippage issues. The Tour X has amazing support in the upper as well, with the PowerStrap really seeming to make a difference in lateral support. One upgrade in the Tour X is the OrthoLite fitbed, which is amazing because it never settles. We recommend the Tour X for low handicap golfers with high clubhead swings who demand the ultimate in performance.


Our Score: 65/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    9                     8                    10                  10                  10                  9                 65

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