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Margaritaville Play 9 Birdie Women

Our Womens Margaritaville Ranking: 1st/1


Style – Casual


Price - $69.95


Waterproof – No


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


From the office to the course, the lightweight Margaritaville Play 9 Birdie Women's Golf Shoe is our best excuse to play a round. This classic, yet stylish, lightweight golf shoe is a versatile choice on and off the course.




*Neoprene upper - Breathable and flexible

*Stability heel frame - Wraps around the heel, provides extra support


*Rubber toe guard - Provides follow-through support


*Sports Compression molded EVA midsole - Provides shock-absorbing active stability


*TRAK traction outsole with FIN tread - Offers flexible grip by way of permanent lugs/nubs


What we say:


The Margaritaville Play 9 Birdie Womens Golf Shoe is really cool! Literally and figuratively. We love the concept of a neoprene golf shoe that looks like a casual shoe. This not only allows the Women's Birdie to be worn all day in all settings, but also provides the breathability you need when playing in really hot conditions. The flexible outsole fits in well with the purpose of providing comfort on all surfaces when walking, and also grips pretty decently on the golf course. To state the obvious, the Ladies Play 9 Birdie isn't waterproof. The only aspect that may protect from some morning dew is the rubber guard the wraps around the shoe. For a neoprene golf shoe, the Women's Birdie actually provides a decent amount of support. You should have no problem cleaning this shoe after your round, and it will definitely last a long time. We recommend the Women's Play 9 Birdie for those in search of cute, versatile comfort that certainly won't break the bank.


Our Score: 57/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                   9                    10                    3                    8                     8                  9                 57

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