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Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA

Our Mizuno Ranking: 1st/3


Style – Sport

Price - $160


Waterproof – 1 year waterproof warranty


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


Float the fairways in the near weightless Mizuno Nexlite 008. Stripped back to a breathable mesh upper and durable X10 high-traction sole, this might be the most comfortable golf shoe you’ll ever wear straight from the box. Featherlight at 235g per shoe.




*Mesh upper - Lightweight and breathable

*Silicone toe wrap - Increases the shoe's durability


*X10 Rubber Sole - Uses an extremely durable compound in high-impact areas, increasing the life of the shoe. Traction consists of differently shaped and strategically placed lugs/nubs/ridges


*BOA closure system - Allows for microadjustments for a more customized fit. Creates more even pressure across upper. Dial located to the side of the upper part of the tongue


What we say:


The Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA sticks pretty close to its predecessors in terms of technology and traction systems. However, the big difference with the Nexlite 008 is that its upper is made of mesh instead of synthetic leather. This definitely increased breathability, but at the same time slightly decreased waterproofing. However, you'll have to play in some pretty sloppy conditions to notice any water getting through. Because of this combo of breathability and waterproofing, the Nexlite 008 BOA is a great option for year-round play. The traction system feels awesome for walking the course and keeps you firmly planted to the ground in most conditions. While lightweight and comfortable, we found this model slightly less comfortable than its predecessors. That being said, it's still pretty darn comfortable and extremely lightweight, which is why we recommend it for those who walk the course year-round.


Our Score: 63/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    9                     9                     9                   10                    8                   9                 63

Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA Golf Shoe
Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA Golf Shoe
Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA Golf Shoe
Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA Golf Shoes
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