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New Balance CB 49



Style – Sport


Price - $107.99


Waterproof – 2 year warranty


Width options – Regular, Extra Wide


Traction - Spikeless




*Microfiber leather upper


*Hoop and loop closure - Consists of 2 velcro straps


*EVA midsole - Extra cushioning


*NDurance spikeless rubber outsole - Strategically placed small traction lugs/nubs


What customers say:


Pros – Easy to put on

            Easy to take out insoles




Cons – Not the most stylish


What we say:


The New Balance CB 49 isn't exactly the most stylish golf shoe out there. In fact, it's near the bottom of our fashion/style list. However, it must be said that function and practicality over style is the aim of the CB 49. The 2 velcro straps, which take away major style points, increase practicality points. This golf shoe is one of the easiest to get on and off, as with all velcro shoes laces aren't necessary. The CB 49 is quite comfortable and very waterproof, meaning it can be worn year-round. However, in terms of overall performance, it's simply average. Aside from style, nothing is really bad about the CB 49, but nothing really stounds out...aside from functionality that is. The New Balance CB 49 is definitely aimed at older golfers who desire ease of on/off and comfort.


Our Score: 56/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   5                     9                     8                   10                   8                     8                   8                 56

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