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New Balance Striker


Style – Sport


Price - $119.99


Waterproof – 2 year warranty


Width options – Regular, Wide, Extra Wide


Traction - Spiked


What they say:


Reach next-level performance in the New Balance Striker men's golf shoe, built to be extremely lightweight without sacrificing support.




*Microfiber leather upper with FantomFit support - Infused into the upper, the FantomFit technology ultra light support and fit


*Exoskeleton TPU outsole featuring Champ Zarma Tour spike system - The Exoskeleton is designed to move with the natural motion of your foot. 7 spikes are surrounded by permanent traction nubs/lugs 


*CUSH+ cushioning - Responsive cushioning without sacrificing durability or stability


*REVlite midsole -  10mm midsole drop for added stability. Provides lightweight cushioning and responsiveness


*PW-1 Last - This shoe features a wider toe box, reduced toe box depth, lower instep height and anatomical heel width


What customers say:


Pros – Very comfortable



            A lot of sizing options

            Good waterproofing


Cons – None so far!


What we say:


New Balance has pleasantly surprised us again, this time with the NB Striker. We were expecting a cheapish, mid-level shoe, but the Striker is so much more. We don't think it particularly stands out in terms of style, but true to NB standards, it is very comfortable. Throw decent breathability and top-notch waterproofing into the mix, and you have a durable, year-round golf shoe. The traction system works well, with each of the 7 spikes surrounded by a type of traction pod, which features permanent lubs/nubs. We were also impressed with the new FantomFit support system. We thought it had the potential to be gimmicky, but were pleasantly surprised to feel the extra support it provides, all without sacrificing flexibility or adding weight. Perhaps the best thing about the NB Striker is that we can recommend it for all types of golfers, from beginners to pros.


Our Score: 65/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   8                   10                    8                    10                  10                    9                 10                65

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