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Nike Air Zoom Accurate



Style – Performance


Price - $90


Waterproof – 1 year waterproof guarantee


Width options – Regular, Wide


Traction - Hybrid of Spiked and spikeless


What they say:


The Nike Air Zoom Accurate golf shoe features a waterproof construction with responsive cushioning and specialized spikes for comfort and versatility that lasts your entire round.




*Synthetic upper


*Zoom Air cushioning - Located in the forefoot, it delivers responsive cushioning when pushing off during your swing


*Hybrid outsole - Features integrated traction grooves and 4 removable Pulsar spikes. This unique traction system combines the best of both worlds.


What customers say:


Pros – Comfortable

            Good grip


Cons – Runs small


What we say:


The Nike Air Zoom Accurate is the most affordable of the "Air Zoom" series, yet doesn't really fall behind in terms of performance or comfort. There are indeed some noticeable differences, but for the most part, the Air Zoom Accurate is a fantastic option for beginner to mid-level golfers who want a solid golf shoe that won't break the bank. It's certainly comfortable enough to walk the course, though perhaps not in the midst of a heat wave. What strikes us the most about the Air Zoom Accurate is its traction system. This hybrid of permanent grooves and nubs combined with four removable spikes increases comfort while maintaining amazing grip. This high-quality traction in a shoe under $100 makes it one of the best bargains out there.


Our Score: 63/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    9                     8                     9                   10                    8                  10                63

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