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Our PAYNTR Ranking: 2nd/4


Style – Sport


Price - $160


Waterproof – Yes

Width options – Regular, Wide


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


The PAYNTR X 001 F Golf Shoe offers holistic comfort and performance traction built for the biomechanics of the golf swing. 




*Textile upper with Clarino microfiber skin - Flexible and waterproof. Uppers are sprayed with a superhydrophobic NeverWet solution to enhance waterproofing even more

*Vented tongue - Increased breathability

*PMX Foam (EVA) dual durometer midsole - On-course comfort and zonal-specific support for the golf swing

*Graphite power plate - Housed in the midsole, offers lightweight energy return. This generates more ground reaction force

*Three dimensional traction system - Consists of differently shaped traction lugs/nubs that provide the golfer the ability to control linear motion, resist rotational movement, and more effectively harness vertical ground forces


What customers say:


Pros – n/a


Cons – n/a


What we say:


Unless you're a cricket fan, you've probably never heard of PAYNTR shoes. Being as popular and effective as they are in the cricket world, they decided to bring their know-how to the golf shoe world. Alas, we have the PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe. It's hybrid of sport and performance styles, combining features from both into a really solid, all-around golf shoe. It's definitely comfortable, and considering its decent breathability and solid waterproofing, this shoe is great for walking the course year-round. In our opinion, the standout feature of this PAYNTR golf shoe is the traction system. It's flexible in all the right areas, yet provides amazing support during the swing. For spikeless traction, this is almost as grippy as it gets. We recommend the PAYNTR X 001 F for the mid to low handicapper in need of year-round wearability, durability and most importantly, performance.


Our Score: 64/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    9                     8                     9                  10                   10                  9                 64

PAYNTR X 001 F Golf Shoe
PAYNTR X 001 F Golf Shoe
PAYNTR X 001 F Golf Shoes
PAYNTR X 001 F Golf Shoes
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