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Our PUMA Ranking: 3rd/18


Style – Sport


Price - $120


Waterproof – 1 year waterproof guarantee


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


The innovative materials and progressive design of the PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC Golf Shoes provide the performance you need on the course and the style you need while off it. 




*Flat-Knit mesh and Microfiber upper - Guaranteed to be waterproof for 1 year

*DISC closure system - Dial located at the top of the tongue. Allows for more precision fit

*Integrated webbing straps - Wrap the midfoot for a more secure fit


*SOLELACE Closure System - Strong, lightweight TPU attached directly to the midsole allows the laces to completely envelope the foot


*PWRCAGE technology - Is a super strong TPU saddle (essentially wraps the foot) that provides awesome support


*PWRFRAME technology - Another thin layer of TPU strategically placed in high stress areas. This complements the PWRCAGE


*IGNITE Foam midsole - Proprietary cushioning provides responsive energy return, comfort and stability


*SoleShield - Essentially wraps the midsole, providing increased durability


*Molded Comfort Insole - Extra cushioning


*Pro-Form TPU outsole with organically altered traction - Comprised of strategically placed traction lugs/nubs, which are put in places designed to make walking motion and swing motion more comfortable and efficient

What customers say:

Pros - Lightweight

            Very comfortable

            Great for walking

            Good support

Cons - Fits slightly long (about 1/2 size)


What we say:


As expected, the PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC is exactly the same as the original Fasten8, except for the closure system, which is dial/disc//boa. It saves the hassle of dealing with laces and also allows for a slightly more precision/custom fit. We always have high expectations for IGNITE golf shoes, and this one certainly meets and exceeds them. As expected, it performs and feels very similar to other IGNITE golf shoes. The IGNITE FASTEN8 DISC is very, very comfortable. As always, we love the IGNITE foam. It feels like walking on clouds and is so responsive. Then there's the support. the PWRCage technology and the fastening system combine to keep your feet perfectly stable. The spikeless traction system is versatile, which means it's excellent for walking yet still provides the grip you need during the swing. Because of its mesh/microfiber upper and waterproofing, the IGNITE FASTEN8 DISC is able to be worn in just about all conditions, year-round. Simply put, this PUMA golf shoe is one of the best golf shoes out there, and we recommend it to everyone because of its high performance, comfort and affordability.


Our Score: 67/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                  10                    9                     9                     9                   10                 10               67

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PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC Golf Shoe
PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC Golf Shoes
PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC Golf Shoes
PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC Golf Shoe
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