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Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 RF - Course

Our Skechers Ranking: 12th/13

Style – Casual


Price - $85


Waterproof – Water repellent


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


Find an ideal combination of on-course comfort with versatile casual style in the Skechers Relaxed Fit GO GOLF Drive 4 - Course golf shoe.




*Soft waxed canvas fabric upper - Slip-on style. Water-repellent

*Relaxed fit - Roomy comfort in toe and forefoot

*ULTRA GO midsole - Lightweight and responsive cushioning


*Goga Max Technology insole - High-rebound cushioning


*Durable rubber traction plate with differently sized traction lugs/nubs


What we say:


Slip-on golf shoes are have become quite the thing lately, and now there are even more options with the Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 RF - Course.  As with all slip-on golf shoes, these are all about casual coolness. Of course awesome, trendy style isn't the only thing you get with the Drive 4 Relaxed Fit. You also get amazing comfort. We love ULTRA GO cushioning and are really happy to see it in this shoe. It keeps the shoe very light and gives you an extra spring/rebound when walking, which makes the Drive 4 RF great for long rounds on foot. This Skechers slip-on golf shoe repels water quite nicely, but won't hold up in really rainy weather. It was designed more for fending off dew and semi-wet conditions. As we expected, the GO GOLF Drive 4 RF has a bit of trouble providing enough support during the swing. By nature of the design, it just isn't possible to provide enough support for those in need of reliable stability. That being said, it was never the intention of Drive 4 RF to be a high performance golf shoe. It was intended to be worn all day, in all settings on and off the course,and more importantly, keeping you looking awesome the whole time.


Our Score: 59/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                  10                    9                     7                    8                     5                 10                59

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Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 RF - Course Golf Shoe
Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 Relaxed Fit Course Golf Shoe
Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 RF - Course Golf Shoes
Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 RF Course Golf Shoe
Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 Relaxed Fit Course Golf Shoes
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