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Skechers GO GOLF Elite V.4 - Prestige RF

Our Skechers Ranking: 3rd/13


Style – Sport


Price - $115


Waterproof – 2 year warranty


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


Skechers GO GOLF Elite V.4 - Prestige RF golf shoe features a waterproof leather upper, the all-new Grip Flex spikeless traction outsole, ULTRA FLIGHT cushioned midsole and Goga Mat comfort insole.




*Leather and knit fabric upper with embossed detail - Heel and midfoot is leather, front panel is knit fabric


*H2GO Shield waterproof protection


*Low drop midsole – Excellent ground feel and improved performance. Keeps foot in neutral position


*Relaxed Fit design - Roomy at toe and forefoot


*ULTRA FLIGHT midsole - Lightweight and responsive cushioning


*Goga Mat comfort insole - Adds high performance comfort


*Grip Flex TPU outsole - Features 8 triangle-like permanent spikes with differently sized lugs/nubs dispersed throughout the rest of the sole


*Padded collar and tongue


What customers say:


Pros – Really comfortable

            Breathe well

            Good for wider feet


            Traction grips well, even in wet conditions


Cons – None so far!


What we say:


The Skechers GO GOLF Elite V.4 - Prestige RF is identical to the original GO GOLF Elite V.4, except the front panel is knit fabric instead of leather. This ever so slightly increases breathability and reduces waterproofing. The Skechers GO GOLF Elite V.4 - Prestige RF is easily one of our favorite Skechers golf shoes. As expected and hoped for, the Elite V.4 - Prestige RF is quite similar to its predecessor, the Elite V.3. However, the Elite V.4 - Prestige RF comes with a brand new traction design, which we absolutely love. In fact, this new Grip Flex outsole is one of our favorite traction designs in any spikeless golf shoe, period. It's grippy, flexible and low to the ground, which enhances feel and is great for walking. Between the midsole and insole, the cushioning of the GO GOLF Elite V.4 - Prestige RF is amazing, which is another reason why it's great for walking. Because of its knit fabric front panel, the Elite V.4 - Prestige RF breathes quite nicely while still providing plenty of waterproofing, making it an excellent year-round golf shoe. Our only minor complaint is a slight lack of support around the mid and upper part of the foot during the swing, but it still does the job. We recommend the GO GOLF Elite V.4 - Prestige RF for those looking for a really comfortable shoe that can be worn in just about all conditions.


Our Score: 64/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  9                    10                    9                     9                  10                    8                   9                 64

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