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Our Womens SQAIRZ Ranking: 1st/1


Style – Performance


Price - $199.97


Waterproof – 2 year warranty


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spiked

What they say:

SQAIRZ new women’s golf shoes, FREEDOM, are the first performance-based golf shoes designed for the shape of women’s feet. Historically, women’s golf footwear is a sized down version of men’s style that did not address the significant biological and structural differences between men’s and women’s feet. The unique toe – forefoot design allows the toes to sit naturally in the shoes providing extraordinary comfort, balance and stability. Unlike other golf shoes, the design accommodates many of the common foot issues experienced by many women such as bunions, callouses, corns, and hammertoe. SQAIRZ design also improves your relationship with the ground to provide better balance, stability, and produce greater energy exchange proven to increase swing speed and distance.




*Premium synthetic upper with custom fit structures on the sides - The fit structure is like a saddle that adds extra support


*Gusseted tongue - Prevents debris from entering the shoe


*Sta-put laces - Locks into place better than traditional setups


*SQAIRZ toe with wide forefoot area - Squared toe box provides natural motion and comfort. Also aides in alignment and stability


*Ground Reaction Force outsole with 6 removable Pivix SoftSpikes - Spikes are placed in pressure point areas to ensure maximum grip. Permanent traction lugs/ridges surround the spikes in different directions to maximize torque and grip during the swing. This outsole design covers a lot of surface area which adds stability. This design also creates a more efficient energy exchange, increasing swing speed and distance


*EVA midsole - Responsive cushioning


*Cushioned insole - Added comfort, removable


*TPU heel stabilizer - Runs from the heel to the arch, prevents roll over injuries


What customers say:


Pros – Really comfortable

            Square toe isn't as drastic as in pics

            Great fit for women's feet

            Great for those with plantar fascitis

            Good stability


Cons – None so far!


What we say:


The SQAIRZ FREEDOM women's golf shoe is one of the most advanced women's performance golf shoes out there. Unlike a lot of other ladies golf shoes that strive for style and versatility, the FREEDOM focuses solely on performance during your round. It's not like its ugly, but it just doesn't have the style as many other women's golf shoes. However, what it does have is amazing comfort and overall performance. The cushioning system in the midsole and insole is fantastic for riding and walking the course, and the waterproof upper allows it to be worn year-round. The unique traction system ensures you stick to the ground during the swing on any surface you may encounter on the links. We'd argue that the Women's FREEDOM provides the best support of any women's golf shoe during the swing. The combination of a great design in the upper with a high surface area outsole means your feet will feel secure. Because it's not cheap, we recommend the SQAIRZ Ladies FREEDOM for the advanced golfer who doesn't mind spending money for something that will provide amazing performance and comfort.


Our Score: 64/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   8                   10                    8                    10                   10                 10                  8                 64

SQAIRZ FREEDOM Women's Golf Shoe
SQAIRZ FREEDOM Women's Golf Shoe
SQAIRZ FREEDOM Women's Golf Shoes
SQAIRZ FREEDOM Ladies Golf Shoes
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