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Our SQAIRZ Ranking: 3rd/4


Style – Performance


Price - $199.97


Waterproof – Water-repellent


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spiked

What they say:

The new SQAIRZ SPEED Mesh upper material provides enhanced breathability for those who play in the extreme heat. Most lightweight mesh shoes lack structure, inhibiting their performance. In fact, if you can hold a shoe by the heel and toe and twist it, the shoe lacks structure and cannot adequately facilitate the golf swing. This lack of structure also causes the foot to move inside the shoe and reduces the energy exchange with the ground, resulting in distance loss. SQAIRZ’s innovative Mesh design solves the problem and integrates the midsole, outsole, and heel stabilizer to provide the structure needed to channel the ground force and optimize swing speed.




*Mesh upper with custom fit structures on the sides - The fit structure is like a saddle that adds extra support. Upper is breathable and water-repellent

*Integrated midsole, outsole, and heel stabilizer - Provides the structure needed to channel the ground force and optimize swing speed


*Sta-Put laces - Locks into place better than traditional setups


*SQAIRZ toe with wide forefoot area - Squared toe box provides natural motion and comfort. Also aides in alignment and stability

*Wider base under the ball of foot - Provides stronger ground connection and less sway which allows the full power of your swing to translate to the ball


*Torque Generation System outsole with 6 removable Pivix SoftSpikes - Spikes are placed in pressure point areas to ensure maximum grip. Permanent traction lugs/ridges surround the spikes in different directions to maximize torque and grip during the swing


*EVA foam midsole - Responsive cushioning


*TPU heel stabilizer - Runs from the heel to the arch, prevents roll over injuries


What we say:


SQAIRZ golf shoes all share very similar technology, and the SQAIRZ SPEED Mesh is no different. This is a good thing, as SQAIRZ offers some of the most innovative golf shoe design and technology out there. Of course the signature feature of all SQAIRZ golf shoes is the square toe. In our opinion, this actually does help with alignment a bit, mostly on the putting green, and also increases surface area for extra grip and creates roomy toe comfort. The SQAIRZ SPEED Mesh, to state the obvious, is very similar to the original SQAIRZ SPEED, except for its mesh upper, which noticeably enhances breathability without sacrificing too much waterproofing. The SPEED mesh is really comfortable and pretty good for year-round play, save for really wet conditions. The very golf-specific spiked traction system is one of the best in terms of grip, keeping your feet firmly planted to the ground on just about any surface imaginable on the golf course. Then there's also the fantastic lateral support, which just further increases this shoe's amazing performance. What impressed us the most about the SPEED Mesh was this high level of support. Most mesh golf shoes severely lack in this category, but the SPEED Mesh doesn't sacrifice any support. In fact, we'd say it's the most supportive mesh golf shoe out there.


Our Score: 64/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   8                   10                    10                   8                  10                  10                   8                 64

SQAIRZ SPEED Mesh Golf Shoes
SQAIRZ SPEED Mesh Golf Shoes
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