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adidas Womens S2G

Our Womens adidas Ranking: 1st/6


Style – Sport


Price - $90


Waterproof – Yes


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


Designed for the course but made to be worn all day, the adidas S2G Women's Golf Shoe is made with a series of recycled materials, and at least 50% recycled content.




*Waterproof filmed textile upper - Partly made from recycled materials


*Bounce midsole - Lightweight cushioning and enhanced flexibility


*Spikeless V-Traxion versatile outsole - Features permanent V-Traxion lugs which are angled differently depending on the area of the outsole


What customers say:


Pros – Comfortable cushioning

            Good waterproofing


Cons – None so far!


What we say:



The adidas Women's S2G golf shoe doesn't offer anything really spectacular, but it does provide the reliability that a lot of high to mid handicap golfers need. It gets the job done in just about every type of weather condition. Perhaps our favorite thing about the S2G Women is the versatile traction system. It allows for the shoe to be worn just about anywhere on and off the golf course. While on the course, this V-Traxion system grips pretty darn well. As we mentioned before, although the Ladies adidas S2G doesn't stand out much, it doesn't have any weaknesses. It most likely won't overheat in hot conditions, and will keep your feet dry in the rain. It's definitely comfortable enough to get you around the course on foot while simultaneously offering solid support. For under $100, it's hard to go wrong with the S2G ladies golf shoe.


Our Score: 63/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                    9                     8                     10                  9                    8                  10                63

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