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Womens Stuburt Golf Shoes

Proudly British, Stuburt has been producing quality sport shoes for over 100 years. Sporting Stuburt golf shoes in 1980, Tony Jacklin helped create the brand into what it is today. Then Darren Clarke won the US Open in 2010 and the British Open in 2011 wearing Stuburt golf shoes. Stuburt has never strived to compete with mainstream brands, opting rather to remain, in a sense, a more boutique brand. While their history is extensive, Stuburt is constantly adapting to modern trends and technology, which is why their golf shoes not only perform well, but last a long time. We're excited for their foray into women's golf shoes, and hope they'll offer more options in the future. For now, we're happy to settle for the pretty cool Evolve Sport II Ladies Golf Boot.

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