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Golf Shoe Ratings and Comparisons

We've compiled golf shoe ratings and comparisons by category and brand. The categories are:

Casual golf shoes - Also known as street golf shoes, these spikeless golf shoes are stylish and look like street shoes

Classic golf shoes - Traditional style golf shoes

Performance golf shoes - Golf shoes focused on performance (comfort, stability, support). They add flair to the traditional golf shoe                                       

Sport golf shoesThese golf shoes look and feel more like sneakers/trainers

Within each category we've broken down the golf shoe ratings and comparisons by brand. The ratings are based on:

Style - The overall look of the shoe

Comfort - Comfort during walking and the actual swing

Breathability - Whether or not the feet stay cool, don't overheat

Waterproofing - How effective they are at keeping out moisture, including length of time they remain waterproof

Traction - How well they grip, along with durability

Support/stability - How much support they offer during the swing. Whether or not they keep you stable

Value - If the shoe is worth the price tag

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