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Athalonz MANA SG

Our Athalonz Ranking:


Style – Casual/Sport


Price - $265


Waterproof – Yes


Width Options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


As stylish as it is comfortabe, the Athalonz MANA SG Golf Shoe combines an athletic fit with a premium waterproof hemp upper. Lower your scores and your footprint.




*Ultra fiber hemp upper - Naturally strong, anti-microbial, water-resistant, and breathable


*"Clean" foam midsole - High performance and ultra lightweight. Made of 85% upcycled material. Has a more traditional alignment feel than the EnVe

*Vibram spikeless outsole - Provides durable on-course traction and stability. Is also durable


What we say:


We were excited to see Athalonz add additional golf shoes to their lineup with the MANA SG. And it's pretty darn cool. First of all, it looks great. The casual/sport style just looks amazing on and off the golf course. The spikeless Vibram outsole was not only designed to feel good and grippy on grass, but also on just about any other surface. All this means that the MANA SG can be worn just about anywhere. As far as on-course performance is concerned, we rate it at about average. Aside from cool looks and versatility, we feel that nothing really stands out about the MANA SG. However, it's definitely great for all those more casual golfers out there in need of something casual, cool and versatile. Which brings us to our last point, is that we appreciate Athalonz's efforts to try something new with the hemp uppers, which do look and feel pretty good and can also be worn year-round.


Our Score: 61/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                   9                     9                     8                    9                     8                  8                 61

Athalonz MANA SG Golf Shoe
Athalonz MANA SG Golf Shoe
Athalonz MANA SG Golf Shoes
Athalonz MANA SG Golf Shoes
Athalonz MANA SG Golf Shoe
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