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G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer

Our G/FORE Ranking: 6th/12


Style – Sport


Price - $225


Waterproof – Yes


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:

The ultimate cross X trainer fit to perform on or off the course, the G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer is a multi-functional shoe that takes you from the street to the course with ease.




*G/DRY upper - Stretch knit fused with an internal waterproof lining. Is stain-resistant


*360degree molded heel cup - Prevents heel slip and provides extra comfort

*Reinforced toe overlay - Keeps front of shoe dry and protected

*Wide base with tall sculpted sidewalls - Lateral and medial stability

*Washable and removable insole


*Rubber non-slip outsole with saw-tooth traction - Differently placed saw-tooth ridges and nubs/lugs keep you planted to the ground while remaining flexible


*EVA midsole - Adds responsive cushioning


What customers say:


Pros – Good quality


            Feels quite stable


Cons – Not the most stable

            Not quite as waterproof as advertised


What we say:


Versatility is the name of the game with the G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer. You can literally spend all day in this shoe, whether it be on the course, at the park or doing errands. Going hand in hand with this versatility is its comfort. The EVA midsole and removable insole feel great when walking and swinging. While it is sufficiently water-resistant, we wouldn't necessarily say it's waterproof. This means it will hold up in semi-wet conditions, but not so much in rain. The stitch upper feels nice and somewhat airy, meaning it won't overheat in hot conditions. While the MG4X2 can definitely be worn year-round, it is perhaps best suited for warmer conditions. Our main criticism is that we'd like to see more lateral support during the swing, particularly when on uneven lies. We recommend the G/FORE MG4X2 for the fashion-conscious in need of versatility who don't want to bother lugging around golf shoes.


Our Score: 61/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                   10                    9                     8                   9                     8                   8                 61

gfore mg4x2_edited.jpg
G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer
G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer
G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer
G/FORE MG4X2 Golf Cross Trainer
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