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Our G/FORE Ranking: 3rd/12


Style – Sport


Price - $185


Waterproof – Yes


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


The G/FORE MG4 Plus is the perfect combination of lightweight comfort and technical performance. Built upon the classic necessities of a golf shoe, but with a modern perspective, the MG4+ boasts the same properties as the MG4.1.




*Synthetic upper - Offers support and protection from the elements


*3D molded external heel cup - Provides lateral support and keeps your foot locked in during the swing


*Triple-density foam cushioned footbed - Is washable. Consists of nubs that allow for airflow and massage foot


*Rubber non-slip outsole with hybrid knurled and saw-tooth traction - Differently placed saw-tooth ridges and nubs/lugs keep you planted to the ground while remaining flexible


*EVA midsole - Adds responsive cushioning


What customers say:


Pros – Nice and stable


            Effective waterproofing

            Easy to clean



Cons – White socks may get stained from the dye


What we say:


We thought the G/FORE MG4 Plus would basically be the same shoe as the MG4.1, just more waterproof, but we were wrong! Ok, so admittedly some of the technology, such as the cushioning, is the same, but there are plenty of differences (for the better). We love how the MG4+ can be worn year-round, not really overheating on hot days, while providing plenty of waterproofing on wet days. In our opinion, the traction system has been improved since the MG4.1, and grips better during the swing while still remaining flexible and comfortable for walking off the course. While the support isn't great, it definitely does the job, especially with the added heel cup. The most important thing to remember about the MG4+ is that it was designed with versatility in mind, meaning you can go straight from the street to the course without having to change shoes, all the while looking really trendy!


Our Score: 62/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                   10                    8                     9                   9                     8                   9                 62

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