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Nike Infinity G

Our Nike Ranking: 13th/21

Style – Casual


Price - $70


Waterproof – 1 year warranty


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless/spiked hybrid


What they say:


The Nike Infinity G combines soft foam and integrated spikes for plush comfort and plenty of grip. The sleek, waterproof design helps your feet stay dry in wet weather.




*Synthetic leather upper - Durable and smooth


*Soft foam midsole - Cushioned comfort

*Plush sockliner - Extra cushioning


*Integrated, hybrid traction - Consists of traction ridges which surround 5 built-in (permanent) spikes


What customers say:


Pros – Very comfortable

            Good grip in both dry and wet conditions

            Solid waterproofing


Cons – May squeak when walking


What we say:


What a pleasant surprise! We were kind of expecting the Nike Infinity G Golf Shoe to be below average on the golf course, but we were wrong. This very affordable Nike golf shoe offers some pretty darn good performance. Sure, it doesn't come with the highest of luxury materials, but it certainly does the job, and looks good while doing it. The midsole perhaps won't stand the test of time like higher quality ones, but it certainly feels great when walking. Though synthetic, the upper is supple enough to feel pretty good out of the box. Aside from affordability and style, our favorite feature of the Infinity G is the traction system. It is completely golf-specific and features ridges and permanent traction spikes in exactly the right areas, which keeps you planted to the ground in almost all conditions. The Infinity G is breathable enough to be worn in summer, and waterproof enough to withstand rainy conditions. The only slight downside to this casual-style Nike golf shoe is a lack of support in the upper. Nonetheless, at this price, it's really hard to find anything wrong with the Infinity G, and we recommend it to beginner to intermediate golfers in need of something that looks great and also feels great at a very reasonable price.


Our Score: 64/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                   10                   8                    9                   10                    7                  10                64

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Nike Infinity G Golf Shoe
Nike Infinity G Golf Shoes
Nike Infinity G Golf Shoe
Nike Infinity G Golf Shoes
Nike Infinity G Golf Shoe
Nike Infinity G Golf Shoes
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