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Our PAYNTR Ranking: 1st/4


Style – Performance


Price - $200


Waterproof – Water-resistant

Width options – Regular


Traction - Spiked


What they say:


The PAYNTR X 004 RS brings to market the first of many features.




*Clarino Trivela microfiber upper with NeverWet - Lightweight support, water-resistance and breathability

*Graphite Propulsion Plate - A graphite plate with a type of foam that returns a lot of energy. It allows you to harness ground reaction forces more effectively and bring more speed to the ball

*Three-dimensional molded PMX - Fit heel counter - Hugs the back of the foot for more support. Comes with a blister-free warranty 

*Ventilated dual density PMX foam midsole - Underfoot support and maximum energy return

*Molded and removable footbed - Features an open cell foam which compresses less than 5% over the life of the shoe

*TPU outsole with FastTwist with Softspike Tour Flex Pro cleats - Features 7 spikes that provide 3 degrees of traction and 10 points of contact

*Is the first ventilated spiked golf shoe which allows perspiration to escape through the midsole and outsole


What we say:


The PAYNTR X 004 RS Golf Shoe offers some really cool innovative technology, which undoubtedly helps both in terms of comfort and support. First of all, the X 004 RS comes with a blister-free warranty in the heel area. Their 3D molded PMX heel-counter hugs the back of the foot in such a way that it eliminates blisters. Then there's the footbed, which won't compress more than 5% for the life of the shoe. It's also removable, which adds more fit options. Our favorite feature of the PAYNTR X 004 RS is its innovative anti-perspiration technology, which allows sweat to escape through the midsole and outsole. This awesome technology makes the X 004 pretty ideal for year-round play, except for perhaps really wet and cold conditions. Aside from all this comfort and support, there's also the traction system, which ensures ultimate ground contact no matter the lie. This is our favorite PAYNTR golf shoe, which we recommend to those who value innovative technology that no doubt helps on the course in terms of energy saving and comfort.


Our Score: 65/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

  10                  10                    9                     8                  10                  10                   8                 65

PAYNTR X 004 RS Golf Shoe
PAYNTR X 004 RS Golf Shoe
PAYNTR X 004 RS Golf Shoes
PAYNTR X 004 RS Golf Shoe
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