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Stuburt Evolve 3.0

Our Stuburt Ranking: 1st/9


Style – Performance


Price - $73


Waterproof – 1 year warranty


Width options – Regular


Traction - Spikeless


What they say:


The Stuburt Evolve 3.0 Spikeless golf shoe delivers a fashionable, street-inspired look together with the very best in comfort and performance. It is both stylish and functional.




*Full grain leather upper with DRI-Back waterproof technology


*Cushioned midsole - Lightweight and long-lasting


*Cushioned insole - Added comfort


*Spikeless outsole - Features differently sized and shaped traction lugs/nubs

What customers say:

Pros - Comfortable

           Good fit


           Good waterproofing

Cons - Not so durable (multiple cases of seems splitting/coming apart)

           A bit stiff at first


What we say:


The Stuburt Evolve 3.0 Spikeless Golf Shoe sticks close to the formula that has worked so well for the previous Evolve models. Little has changed since the original Evolve, with the only real noticeable differences being slight aesthetic ones. The Evolve 3 doesn't offer anything innovative or stunning, but it does provide durability and pretty solid performance at a very affordable price. Because of its awesome cushioned midsole and insole, plus spikeless traction, the Evolve 3.0 is good for walking the course. The full-grain leather makes it a tad more breathable than a lot of other performance golf shoes, and it is guaranteed to keep your feet dry for at least a year. Because of these features, we definitely recommend the Stuburt Evolve 3 for year-round play. Not only is the traction system good for walking, but it also has really good grip, ensuring minimal slippage for even high swing speeds. We recommend the Evolve 3.0 for mid handicap golfers on a budget who desire durability and comfort.


Our Score: 64/70


Style           Comfort      Breathability  Waterproof     Traction         Support         Value           Total

   9                   10                    8                     9                   10                    8                 10                64

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Stuburt Evolve 3.0 Spikeless Golf Shoe
Stuburt Evolve 3.0 Golf Shoe
Stuburt Evolve 3 Golf Shoe
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